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Talking Head Database

Create a catalog of talking head screenshots.
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Like rayfo's technologies for grabbing telephone numbers from TV screens, except this grabs faces. Specifically faces with identifying captions underneath. Stores them as 240*320 or so rasters, perhaps more for HDTV. Master data table has columns for channel, date/time, first name, last name, organization and role, as well as a reference to the raster. Then next time you see a talking head on television, you can get a (perhaps long) list of previous television appearances. Might help kids with term papers or something.
LoriZ, Dec 17 2001


       This sort of thing's far better done by the broadcasters, who would know who everyone is and be able to add appropriate side information.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       I'd rather have one of these for people I encounter in real life. Remembering names is a problem for me.
beauxeault, Dec 17 2001

       Oi, UB, chill with the disposability - I'm a Paid Opiner for a UK newspaper education supplement. The point is that the newspaper recognises that within their readership is a certain proportion of people who will be interested in my P.O.V., and (perhaps more importantly) another proportion who will disagree and write in about it. Because writers like me occur so occasionally, it can be difficult to follow when the next time that particular 'expert' or 'opiner' is going to write/broadcast - there are some who follow current affairs with that kind of filtering, and would like to know what else a particular writer has produced.
lewisgirl, Dec 17 2001

       I'm with [beauxeault]. Build a facial recognition device into a pair of glasses with a HUD that lists pertinent facts about the person in view. I'd buy it.
phoenix, Dec 17 2001

       And UnaBubba hasn't even had to put up with Kate Thornton opining on popular culture every saturday night for the past 3 years, often on 2 channels simultaneously. If the device could turn the TV off every time she came on, it would be worth it. (Damn, that reminds me, I got to pay the TV licence.)
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       The particular talking heads I had in mind were more the interviewees (newsmakers?), not the so-called journalists. They are the people most commonly referred to as "talking heads" (other than the band). I probably should have been more specific.
LoriZ, Dec 18 2001

       Just imagine listening to the news being read by a non-pro. If you were subjected to it, I am guessing that you'd soon want the anchorperson back on the air. Sure, some are annoying and stupid, even, but I think most are pretty good.
bristolz, Dec 18 2001


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