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[Oct 04 2004, last modified Nov 06 2007]

 Audio Hyperlinks
 Botulism Detecting Plastics
(+8, -3) Breast Milk for Immunodeficiency
 Capsaicin Nasal Spray
(+1) Chili-powered way to Quit Smoking
(+5) "Corn Stalk" generator
(+5, -6) Fusion Enzyme?
(+1) IED ECM
(+1) Insurance included in gas prices
(-2) Liquid Nitrogen Tornado "poison pill"
(+2) Mobile Virtual Phone System
(+2) Net-wide racetrack memory
(-6)(-6) Personal Malpractice Insurance
(+1) Phish-free
(+1) Pringle-Can Wi-fi Emergency Networks
(+4) RSS feed based email
(+2, -3) "Rum Runners"
 Sight-free texting on iPhone
(+5, -1) Stretchy Universe
 Tripwire , firewall-on-the-plug
(+8)(+8) Turn Off News
(+2, -1) Waging Peace

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