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"Rum Runners"

A modern day action thriller - smugglers using huricanes as cover
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I was thinking about this during the new casts for Katrina, a story of smugglers following in the wake of a hurricane (or even in the eye), flying small craft, or speed boats... using the aftermath of a hurricane as a diversion. The story would probably involve a DEA investigation, where the smugglers following in the wake of the hurricane would be the final hook... I suppose terrorism or similar infiltration might also be a rather "timely", but my original idea involved drug smugglers

"Rum Runners" were blockade runners during the civil war that smuggled rum (and food, pretty much anything) into teh south. I thought it would be a fitting title as the smugglers would likely be coming into the gulf coast.

bigattichouse, Aug 30 2005

Query letters that I love... http://queryletters.blogspot.com/
[normzone, Sep 01 2005]


       sp. hurricanes   

       Perhaps if the smugglers had some way of *causing* hurricanes (which would presumably make them Bond villains). Otherwise, our fascination with bad weather doesn't seem to need spicing up with our fascination with drugs.
DrCurry, Aug 30 2005

       I imagine their hair would be all in bee nests sticking up in odd angles from being in tornadoes all the time.
benfrost, Aug 30 2005

       I thought prohibition was the time of the Rum Runners.
Antegrity, Aug 30 2005

       If they used sailboats and used the hurricaine force winds to evade the authorities, that would be a better story. It could actually be set in the Old South, and they could be running technologically advanced rum which is 100000 proof. They could fire cannonballs into tornadoes and have them curve around and hit the gestapo ships from behind! Only when General Sherman invents the atomic bomb is their evil plot foiled!
bungston, Aug 30 2005

       And they could find another category other than other:general sherman
normzone, Aug 31 2005

       I think General Sherman would be a great category name.
DrCurry, Aug 31 2005

       Bungston, have you ever watched Will Smith's "Wild Wild West"?
david_scothern, Aug 31 2005

       The ‘exports’ must first be smuggled to Bermuda or Cuba, since hurricanes don’t travel from Columbia or Afghanistan to the US.
Shz, Aug 31 2005

       /"Wild Wild West"?/ - that is right along the lines I was thinking: sort of a Steampunk thriller, with soft-porn overtones of the Animaniacs or classic Daffy Duck. Kato Kaelin would play General Sherman.
bungston, Aug 31 2005

       //100000 proof// --[bungston]   

       And how, pray tell, to you make alcohol that is 500% pure?
5th Earth, Aug 31 2005

       You will have to wait for [bigattichouse]'s movie to be released, [5th]. I believe that he actually also plays the part of the boss RumRunner, Captain Cold Swirly.
bungston, Aug 31 2005

       - Boring. Weeks of planning, coded communication, a stray hottie picked up in haste on a island, and a great high-five ending couldn't redeem this bomb.
reensure, Aug 31 2005

       Reminds me of the current series where an alien invasion follows a hurricane's path.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2005

       /a stray hottie picked up in haste on a island/ - That's great! Are you in the business, [reensure]?
bungston, Sep 01 2005

       A few things:   

       Firstly, Wild Wild West is a great film, if you haven't watched it, do.   

       Secondly, I thought that rum-runners were prohibition as well and 'ran' from canade or mexico to the US. After all, alcohol wasn't illegal in the civil war.   

       But I'm fishboning it for the third reason:   

       Even if this did work, they would have to know where the huricanes were going to be to prepare, but also restrict their illegal acts to about 20 times a year. "Sorry mate no more cocaine for a few months hurricane seasons over". Not too practical. [-]
Germanicus, Sep 01 2005

       "All Heads Clear" A thrilling, realistic docudrama offering a gut-wrenching look as world wide underground economies grind to a halt and human misery ensues in the wake of catastrophic losses within the clandestine drug trades. Jane, an old school soccer-mom-cum-public heath official, deals with her personal life crises and a pitiful human tide of withdrawing drug dependent cases. Things begin to turn horribly wrong, looter raids occur on government civil defense provision sites, and rumors swirl of military action erupting in the sino-Asian poppy fields. Gripping. Violence, coarse language, scenes unsuitable for sensitive viewers. Two hours.
reensure, Sep 01 2005

       Ooh, submit that to the site in the link...
normzone, Sep 01 2005

       You may, if you wish, as I have no idea how to.
reensure, Sep 01 2005


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