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This user account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@gmail.com> to claim ownership.

[Oct 04 2004]
 Cellular castration
(+2, -5) Classified ad in a PDF417 barcode
(-1) Computer printer-ink-drainage-ware
(-1) Computer pukeware
(+2) Computer ransomware
(+2) Extinction Level Event Drill
 File donation, not sharing
(-2) Game & Performance Authentication (GPA)
(+1) Greenpeace Island
(-2) Greenpeace Island-Tuvalu
(+3, -1) Hang your car, not tow
(+2, -4) Ice torpedo
 Jurisdiction free submarine web server
 One way radio acoustic coupler
 Purse PC
(-1) Submarine ice-cube filled ballast tank

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