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I am a junior inventor re-inventing the wheel :)

[Aug 16 2005]
(+4, -5) Birth simulating shirt
(+2) Car battery charger with logging
 chemical lawn mowing
(+8, -1) Chicken lawn mower
(+4) Electrostatic self-cleaning floor
(+4) Floating platform for cars
(+1) Foot off the gas
(+1) High-voltage window nets
(+9)(+9) house fabber
(+2) Inflatable cupboard
(+1, -3) Key in mobile phone
(+3) MP3 player for Docs
(-6)(-6) No more bad roads
(-1) no-tear gas
(+1) Pool water heat recovery
(+8)(+8) Power-saving Fridge
 Scented Condom
(+2) Small item location
(+7, -4) Smoking deterrent device
(+4) The Invisible Dog
(-3) tiny washing machine
(+5, -1) Turning platform
(+10)(+10) Turning slippers
(+16, -3)(+16, -3) waste water heat recovery
(+4) Winning condom

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