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Scented Condom

Condom that smells like there was no condom
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Strawberry scented Condoms? OMG why?

A condom should smell like there was none - it should be penis scented.

slovakmartin, Mar 28 2020

Nondoms https://en.m.wikipe...ed_status_in_the_UK
[pertinax, Mar 29 2020]


Voice, Mar 28 2020

       That would smell like tax avoidance.
pertinax, Mar 29 2020

       With scent cancelling technology? A condom that's inscentivized.
wjt, Mar 29 2020

       *Throws rotten tomato at [wjt]*
21 Quest, Mar 29 2020

       Lucky, I'm wearing my Covidom. Even if it is hard to use my olfactory abilities.
wjt, Mar 29 2020

21 Quest, Mar 29 2020

       Jesus man, idk how I missed that one lol
21 Quest, Mar 29 2020


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