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no-tear gas

Tear gas replacement
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Revolting people are often sprayed on with tear gas, but this makes them more aggresive. What if the tear-inducing gas was replaced by gas that induced ejaculation... Aggression would be lowered and the crowd would rush home to change the underwear.
slovakmartin, Dec 03 2015


       First. How? Tear gas is an irritant that works on mucus membranes. It never really penetrates the body, and it has no neurological or systemic effects.   

       Inducing orgasm, even if such a drug exists, would require fairly massive neurological effect. The problem with this is that different people respond to differently to such drugs. And even if the people don't have hugely different reactions, the dosage is going to be critical.   

       This is why soporifics (sleepy or knockout gas) is used so rarely. You're as likely to kill people as incapacitate them.
MechE, Dec 03 2015

       This is a rip-off.
pocmloc, Dec 03 2015

       sooo... wouldn't more people show up for riots ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 03 2015

       To revolt is not the same thing as being revolting, is it ?   

       And what about the non-ejaculators ?
normzone, Dec 03 2015

       Revolting people wear underwear?
bungston, Dec 04 2015


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