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[Oct 17 2003, last modified Mar 10 2007]
(+2) All All-in-Ones in One
(+3) Anemoelectric Headset
(+8)(+8) Ball Game Foley Orchestra
(+2) Bicycle Skates
(+2, -1) Blink Frequency-Frame Rate Synchronization
(+18)(+18) Choose Your Path Water Slide
(+9)(+9) Colorized by Kids
 Eight Stage Cruise Line Adventure Suit
(+4, -1) Glowing Mittens
 Grocer Bands
(+5, -1) Grocer Rinks
(+2, -1) Insect Ack-Ack
(+1) Moiré Metro Tunnels
(+2, -1) Motorcycle Globe Ride
(+6) Multi-user Home Stereo
 Musical Scale
(+6, -2) Narwhal Jousting
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) Necktie Clocks for Televised Interviews
(+2) Pile On Passenger Lattice
(+5, -2) Platinum PEZ Dispensers
(+9, -3) Pronged Antiperspirant Applicator
(+3, -1) Railed Hot Air Balloon Ride
 Red light, green light
(+20)(+20)(+20) Spinning Drum Maze
(+2, -1) Starfish Food Disposal
(+5) Strobe Soccer
(+3) Toilet Tissue Delivery Drop
(+8)(+8) Twinkly-Eyed Contact Lenses
(+5) Velcro Shoes with Dummy Laces

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