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Anemoelectric Headset

Rock out to the power of the wind
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Merge a carefully engineered propeller beanie propeller [sic] with a pair of MP3 headphones to create a stylish, lightweight, eco-friendly headset. A great gift for the hippy geek audiophile in your life.
spiraliii, Mar 07 2007

Illustration of a propeller beanie http://en.wikipedia...PropellerBeanie.png
The propeller (along with generator) would be mounted in a similar position, on the span joining the two earphones. [spiraliii, Mar 07 2007]


       I imagined a pair of animatronic coastal rock-pool dwelling shellfish...
hippo, Mar 07 2007

       ... I imagined the propellor from a piece of geeky headwear.
Custardguts, Mar 08 2007


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