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Strobe Soccer

For night games in unlit parks
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A bright stroboscopic lamp is installed inside of a transparent soccer ball. Game is played at night, with the ball providing the only illumination.
spiraliii, Mar 10 2007


       Kind of like uncertainty soccer:   

       You know where the ball is, but you cannot really gauge the speed, or you don't know exactly where it is depending on if the strobe is on or off.
Ling, Mar 10 2007

       so its a field full of players all running hell for leather at the same bright flashing light. Is the spiral guy a dentist who is trying to drum up a little more business?
the dog's breakfast, Mar 10 2007

       Could be fun, and probably not as dangerous as [tdb] thinks, but you'd better supply the ref and linesmen with night goggles.
imaginality, Mar 10 2007

       I think it would get tiresome very quickly.
xenzag, Mar 10 2007

       I thought strobes brought on epileptic fits not dental decay.
po, Mar 10 2007

       Last Tuesday evening my kids played a soccer game to make up one that got rained out. It got a bit dark towards the end of the game as there were no lights on that field.
The number of collisions and spills was dramatically higher than normal. I am thinking it might be similar with a strobe.
Zimmy, Mar 10 2007

       [+], then.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2007

       If the player's uniforms contained lights to show the outlines of the players, and if the strobing ball could be constructed to have acceptable physical characteristics, I would think this could be an interesting game whose character would depend a lot upon the blink rate of the ball. Even a moderately fast blink rate (e.g. 6Hz) which would not interfere with a bystander's perception of continuous motion could make things interesting for moving players (persistence of vision can play some interesting tricks).
supercat, Mar 11 2007

       Only if played to music by Donna Summer and the Bee Gees.
nuclear hobo, Mar 11 2007

       Nine other strobing things to watch? Oooh i can feel a fit coming on just thinking about it. Strobe basketball FLASHtennis FLASHfootball FLASHhighjump FLASHbakery FLASHarchery FLASHouch.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 12 2007


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