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[Jan 31 2004]
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) A/C condensation coffee
 bat display
(+3, -2) computer dashboard
 free sms server via bluetooth
(+10)(+10) GPS with accident stats
(+6) Im-Up--Im-Up.com
(+3, -11)(+3, -11) jellyfish riot control
 liquid nitrogen personal body cooler
 Magna-doodle display
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) nonchalant news anchoring
(+13)(+13) Normalize, dammit! (+tab mute)
(+1, -2) open source via reverse psychology
(+5, -3) OS oversight
(+12)(+12) reciprocal gardening workout
 twitter procrastination monitor
(+2, -4) ultrasound assisted unison driving
 vegan healthcare investment
(+1) wifi hitchhiking "thumb" 3-in-one
(+2, -1) windowsless notebook keyboard

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