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Someone named wojciech_czyz wanted to reach me.

I can be reached at davidelm4884@gmail.com

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Aug 28 2012]

 Act of Cincinattus
(+7, -1) Book of Rationalism
(+21)(+21)(+21) car details keychain
(+18)(+18) cartoon face shoe helper
(+8)(+8) color sphere trackball
(+4, -2) concentric prison
(+4, -1) cord blood hiv treatment
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) Descent of Baby Man
(+1, -2) Email Address Book Sync
(+4) itunes box set coupon
(+23)(+23)(+23) lawn gnome urn
(+8, -2) Lunar Eclipse View from the Moon
(+8)(+8) Movie Marathon Mode
(+1, -3) multi-use car loan
(+1) no tack walls
(+20, -1)(+20, -1) nude incentive for exercise
(-1) radioactive storage
(+2, -6) real moon letters
(+1) rechargable phone base set
(+8, -1) Repeat Rating
(+4) "seeing" bird colors
(+1) Sun centered GPS
(+7) super-parallax vr planetarium
(+3) test SETI language skills
(+1) Viral Poison Oak Control
(+1) vocabulary for various faces

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