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cartoon face shoe helper

Cute cartoon faces on the shoes help kids to know which is which.
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My daughters seem to have a tough time putting the right shoe on the right foot.

I was thinking, what if there were cartoon faces on the shoes that looked towards each other when the shoes are on the right feet and away when they aren't.

Then it would be easy.

talldave, Aug 22 2008

Stickers http://www.mominven...d=3d53ef11ffd7adc10
Not as cute as the above idea. [Amos Kito, Aug 22 2008]

Shoe http://www.zazzle.c...-167588761943607515
Either one is right. Or left. [Amos Kito, Aug 22 2008, last modified Aug 23 2008]

Camper Shoes http://images.googl...safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN
sort of baked by Camper shoes, which feature complimentary Left and Right images [xenzag, Aug 22 2008]

Another pair of Campers http://z.about.com/.../x/camper_shoes.jpg
these ones have figures which look towards each other [xenzag, Aug 22 2008]

"Hayfoot! Strawfoot!" http://bible.cc/jonah/4-11.htm
This was needed back in those biblical times, too. [neelandan, Aug 26 2008]


       I remember that my little bruv once had dinosaur-themed shoes which, when donned correctly, meant the upper (and sole) assembled a dinosaur lad for viewing pleasure.
calum, Aug 22 2008

       my dad penned L & R on the bottom of my shoes.
po, Aug 22 2008

       //"Hayfoot! Strawfoot!"//
But for us non-yokels, unused to wielding a scythe, how does this relate (and also for those of us who can't comprehend Joyce) to footedness?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 22 2008

       How about we put a big M by their mouth, and a big E by their ear. That way, when they get thirsty, (or Thursday, as my little one likes to say) they won't pour a whole juicebox in their ear and it drips all over their new shirt.   

       [a bun anyway, because you seem sincere and likeable]
r_kreher, Aug 24 2008

       Let 'em walk around and get blisters. THEN they'll learn.
futurebird, Aug 25 2008

       //"Hayfoot! Strawfoot!"//   

       "Olakkal! Seelakkal"   

       Literally, "leaf-foot, cloth-foot" in my part of the world.
neelandan, Aug 25 2008

       The disproportionate amount of 'k's would indicate somewhere in Finland.   

       For some reason, my son who is generally very smart, still can't get his shoes on the right feet at the age of ten. [+]
wagster, Aug 25 2008

       I am not sure I could visually distinguish a piece of hay from a piece of straw. A leaf from a cloth, yes, if close up and it was not green cloth.
bungston, Aug 25 2008

       //A leaf from a cloth, yes, if close up and it was not green cloth// And not shaped like a leaf.
coprocephalous, Aug 26 2008


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