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[Oct 19 2006, last modified May 19 2010]
(+4) Automatic "Outdoor" Mode
(+3, -2) cell phone for planes
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) ChildPlay mode for cell phone
(-2) Connoisseurs' beer
(+5) Crop Circle Maker Robot
 E-Paper Jigsaw Puzzle
(-1) Garbage Fingerprinting Agency
 Global Pillow
(+2, -5) His/her/my plates
(+3) Hypnometer
 I-already-know-this-stuff implant
(+4) Inertia-powered spinners
(+4) Magazine: Subscribers' Copy
(+2, -4) Music-modulated EM-field generator
(+6) Nose wind breaker
(+2) Portable Urine Spectrograph
(+4) Radio Station Seeker
(+6) Reconfigurable Restrooms
(+5) "Reused paper" indicator
 Second Moon
(+6) Tactile Blanket Orientation Indicator
(+6, -2) Wii Anywhere

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