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[bleh]'s Top Ten
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In no particular order
 Piezo Train Tracks  Aug 22 06 
 Shakes my house, might as well power it. 
 Cross Reference Air Traffic to Weather Models  Nov 13 06 
 to account for global dimming/ increased cloud cover 
 laser pendulum art  Aug 21 06 
 woah... the lights... 
 Guitar Switcheroo  Jun 21 07 
 A Track System for Guitars 
 Spin-ulpture  Mar 21 07 
 Psychodelic toy to stare at 
 coil gun canon  Mar 14 07 
 Oh god! Its raining metal projectiles!! Hey wait, thats kinda pretty. 
 Heat Recycling Coffee Mug  Jun 22 07 
 It cools, then it heats! 
 Shampoo bottle centrifuge  Apr 19 06 
 or ketchup/honey/barbecue sauce/ any other bottle which contains a viscus liquid 
 Hats for Cars  Jun 04 07 
 To Thank Courteous Drivers 
 stick on feet  Jun 04 06 
 for jesus fish 

[bleh]'s Top Ten: [edit]

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