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Hats for Cars

To Thank Courteous Drivers
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A stovepipe, top, derby, or any other type of hat is placed atop a vehicle. The hat is then connected either to a lever or actuator of some kind to allow said hat to be tipped to passing drivers when they merit a hat tipping.

The hat could be oversized for cuteness, but its not necessary. I'm thinking the lever should be sticking straight down from the roof of the car, with 2 degrees of freedom, allowing the hat to be tipped to drivers on the left or right.

bleh, Jun 04 2007

Insulated cupholding car hat Insulated_20cupholding_20car_20hat
Maybe I'll call it, "Hats for Cars"? [ldischler, Jun 04 2007]

Car_20Whiskers [hippo, Jun 05 2007]

I made one (I'm no Bris for sure) http://i111.photobu...ndram111/carhat.jpg
[xandram, Jun 05 2007]

(?) Napa Auto Parts Trucks http://www.jenkinsautomotive.com/
small white trucks with yellow hats [ed, Jul 12 2007]


       I recall seeing a similar idea for cars to have tails that could be activated in some way to express different sentiments. I like this hat idea better, because it's more human and less practical. I can imagine an overall increase in accidents from people trying to manipulate their hats while driving, and from others doing double-takes when someone else's hat tips. A (+) from me, for a crazy funny idea.
awesomest, Jun 04 2007

       i found that idea when doing a preliminary search before posting this, but i though this idea was different enough. My fiancée had this idea while we were on a 6 hour road trip through traffic. The idea here is not to provide shade. It is to express gratitude to a courteous driver.
bleh, Jun 04 2007

       + Well, I think it's very nice. (tips beret on black Subaru)
ooh, I might want to have the hats interchanagable for my moods.
xandram, Jun 04 2007

       I'm selling my car. I'll just tip my own hat to you.
wagster, Jun 04 2007

       you know cars (little battery operated things) for hats (running around the rim) would be such fun!
po, Jun 04 2007

       This idea has been posted before and has since gone POOF!   

       I (+)'d it then so...   

       Where's [bris] when you need her? I can just imagine it now - a red stetson perched jauntily on a funky green car...
wagster, Jun 05 2007

       Or a wizards cap. Nice one Xan. [link]   

       I agree, thanks for the illustration [xandrum]
bleh, Jun 07 2007

       I'm just learning, and glad you didn't mind...
xandram, Jun 07 2007

       Personally, I'd have a derby perched atop my car. I was thinking it'd be a little more foward on the car though.
bleh, Jun 08 2007

       Unbelievable. I was just watching the television show American Inventor and a guy has just exactly this idea. Baked and demonstrated. With a yarmulke. I missed the first part of his explanation as to why he invented it or it's purpose. But the cap was on a spring that was remotely raised and lowered by the driver.   

       So, I guess, I will reiterate my original bun.   

       Btw, he did not go on to the next round. Bleh, have you been on television lately?
Noexit, Jul 12 2007

       No, but thats the second of my ideas that has been on that damn show. I didn't see it last night but I usually watch it regularly. Lately I've just been getting mad at the TV though because people are using my ideas. Somebody was on a week or two ago with my "Trigger-riffic Gloves". It wouldn't bother me so much if they were intelligent people, but the last gut (with the gloves) wasn't too bright, and his presentation was horrible so he didn't go on to the next round.
bleh, Jul 12 2007

       Me likey.
janbest, Jul 12 2007

       I fancy a sombrero and attachable dropey moustache for the front bumper
S-note, Jul 12 2007

       Here in the states, Napa Auto Parts (linked) has fleets of trucks wearing a signature yellow hat. Where I live, they are fairly ubiquitous. These hats, however, do not tip.
ed, Jul 12 2007

       I see the NAPA trucks all over the place too. You are correct, they do not tip.   

       My first 2.5 bunner!!!!! yay!
bleh, Jul 14 2007

       I've seen a few ideas from the halfbakery plagarized on American Inventor and that one's an oldie 21Q.   


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