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007 alarm clock

The alarm clock you must shoot to snooze
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This alarm clock will hang across the room on the wall with an infared target in the middle and when the alarm sounds, you have a small gun under your pillow that you shoot with accuratly to shut off the alarm...
djoseph, Feb 03 2000

(??) 007 Visa card http://www.transnat...o.uk/bond/index.asp
If you can't get a real 007 alarm clock, how about a credit card? [hippo, Feb 03 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) it exists now http://www.makezine..._controlled_by.html
although the gun is connected to the clock [AlexTheGreat, Jan 10 2007]

(?) Bandai Gun O'Clock http://www.gizmine.com/gzck/gunclk.shtml
"Great for MI6 agents [...]" [jutta, May 16 2008, last modified Nov 30 2008]

Replacement for dead links. https://www.youtube...watch?v=oxuvUM5mJwU
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 06 2016]


       Or you can combine dart and alarm clock, making it less brutal (just think about your neighbors) and re-usable
noterday, Feb 24 2000

       Umm... hello? It's an infrared target, noterday. I think that means a infrared signal from the gun, not a bullet.
waxmaker, Mar 02 2000

       _LESS_ Brutal? I'd be way into it if you had to shoot a howitzer at it. I mean, can you think of a better way to wake up than blowing the living hell out of the very thing that has disturbed your precious, pleasant slumber?
pegiron, Mar 03 2000

       Surely the point is that if you can manage to wake up sufficiently to shoot the damn target, you are awake enough to actually get up. Switching off my alarm clock involves hitting a button and unfortunately I've developed the ability to do that in my sleep!
lettuce, Mar 06 2000

       i think that this is a great idea - also, variations on this theme would be great: the trivial pursuit alarm clock, the keeping your eyes open for a whole minute alarm clock, the getting up and walking across to the other side of the room where you've placed your alarm clock to turn it off alarm clock?
joltrushsoon, Mar 11 2000

       There exist alarm clocks built into baseballs and tennis balls. When they go off, you throw them to 'snooze'...then 10 minutes later you have to get up and figure out where you threw it, and by then you're awake...
StarChaser, Mar 12 2000

       how about an alarm clock that can only be shut off after you answer a relatively complex math question? Of course, the clock would be hooked up to the internet in order to download a fresh problem everyday.
ps, Mar 27 2000

       ...and you HAVE to contribute a new idea to HalfBakery to shut the alarm off.   

       Actually I think a real "007 Alarm Clock" would start slicing your bed in half with a high-power laser (Which Bond film is this from?). That would make you get up and turn it off (as would other Bondesque devices - having your bed lowered into the piranha tank, etc.).
hippo, Mar 27 2000

       Goldfinger. "Do you really expect me to get up and go to work?" "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die."   

       Do we ever see what Bond uses for his alarm clock, except for a hail of bullets in You Only Live Twice? How about a wake up device consisting largely of a tarantula genetically modified to inject you with epinephrine? Either you get up or you REALLY get up.
centauri, Mar 27 2000

       An acquaintance in the late eighties used to have a cron job on the work machine (PDP-11 running UNIX) that would cause UUCP to dial him up in the morning and squeal in his ear. IIRC, the process would repeat every few minutes until he logged into work and killed it. By then he was up...
po8, Apr 17 2000

       Having had my share of belligerent roommates, I agree that violence is a natural reaction to having sleep interrupted.   

       If not firing a gun (IR or not), then why not have an alarm clock built into a mannequin which you have to beat or otherwise brutalize in order to get it to shut up?   

       You would be able to set it to either "softly croon in your ear" to wake you up, or scream at you, whichever type of person you enjoy brutalizing more.
taitai, Apr 24 2000

       Why not have Pussy Galore whisper in your ear. "Wake up, James, James, Wake up"
paisley, Jun 26 2000

       one that would work better: Would be each time you missed it,Your bed gives you a shock from the wall outlet! AND if after the third time - you miss it, IT shoots "Skunk Piss!" back at you! so everyone you pass that day knows if you really over slept or not!...... LOL   

       Crazy am I not!!   

       [or drench you in cold water from the frigerator!]
hottotrot, Jun 30 2000

       i used to keep my alarm clock on the other side of the room, to apply the getting up theory. but eventually i started hitting the button with anything i could throw from my bed. then i began to do that in my sleep. i'd wake up late and wonder why it didn't go off. i think the throw & find method sounds good.
apairofpetducks, Aug 26 2002

       I tried that...i just learned to sleep through my alarm clock.
BinaryCookies, Aug 26 2002

       Recommendation: Target on a pendulum, or mobile in some other way. Firing at the exact same spot every morning would soon become as routine as reaching for a button.
Tabbyclaw, Jun 02 2004

       I've been reading halfbakery for years, and I honestly believe that this is the best idea in the whole shop.
cornpad, Aug 09 2004

       But if you make the target smaller with time (or have it adjust with your accuracy) you could become an incredible shot at close ranges! "I can knock the left knee off of that fly from 10 yards. In my sleep."
Voice, Jan 09 2006

       I love this idea! It's like interactive "Duckhunt" without the ducks. I would like it even better if it were a sort of floating sphere that bobbed around my room throughout the night.. then I wouldn't know where to expect it. It could also be programmed to do evasive maneuvers. Or if that was too expensive to make then it could just stick to the wall and slowly crawl it's way around the room.   

       Either way, I'll take two! :)
ionsfromzion, Sep 21 2006


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