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Crying baby alarm clock

Welcome to my nightmare, Chester
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We're all biologically programmed to respond to the wailing of an infant, so this seems like a natural extension. The alarm would begin with just some goo-ing and coo-ing. If not turned off, the alarm continues with uncomfortable crying and works its way through righteously indignant screaming.

I'd also like to point out that this may very well be the solution to teenage pregnancy.

The only downside is if, somehow one became inured to the sound, there would be a lot of unhappy babies in the next generation.

phoenix, Dec 09 2001


       Honey, it's your turn to hit snooze.
bristolz, Dec 09 2001

       oh shame on you UB
po, Dec 09 2001

       Would this have the same type of off-mechanism as those baseball-shaped ones? Just like a real crying baby?
angel, Dec 10 2001

       A Crying Game alarm clock would be more interesting. I don't like to think how it'd work, though.
pottedstu, Dec 10 2001


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