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Feline alarm clock

Harness the unavoidable, to bring about the inevitable. A product of the One Cat Mad corporation.
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Our feline roommate is trained to respond to the sound of the lid being removed from a pop-top can of cat food. She will meow incessantly until fed.

This clock mechanism loads a fresh can into the breech every time you set the alarm. At the chosen time, a hook pulls the tab on the can.

This wakes the cat, who begins meowing piteously, which will not stop meowing until you rise and feed. No snooze button function.

normzone, Mar 15 2005

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Monkeys always... something. [AfroAssault, May 27 2005]


       meow. meow. meow. meow. meow. <taps [norm] on the shoulder> meow.
Machiavelli, Mar 15 2005

po, Mar 15 2005

       Are you trying to tell me that this is a real dog of an idea, and it won't get very fur ?
normzone, Mar 15 2005

       Snooze button function:
As button is depressed a large anvil is released from it's suspension cables next to the can-opening apparatus.
Brought to you by [8th of 7] industries.
Jinbish, Mar 16 2005

       I'm going to have to clean that up, then re-load the anvil ?
normzone, Mar 16 2005

       Where has that trekkie trekked off to, anyways? Someplace no one's gone before?
RayfordSteele, Mar 16 2005

       //Our feline roommate is trained//   

       This is your first mistake. Assuming you can train a cat.   

       This is fully baked in the [hazel][jonthegeologist] household. Pete and Dud are very good at waking me up by sitting on my head and purring. Somehow (and rather annoyingly) [jtg] seems to be able to pretend to be asleep better than me so it's always me that gets up and feeds them.
hazel, Mar 16 2005

       //Somehow [jtg] seems to be able to pretend to be asleep//   

       It's all about "Who wants it more!". You feel that feeding the cats is of higher priority than another 5 minutes in bed. [jtg] knows differently...
Jinbish, Mar 16 2005

       We already got two of these. They seem to be permanently set for 4:30 AM though, and we haven't figured out how to change it yet.
waugsqueke, Mar 16 2005


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