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10 Sparrows That Live In The Moon

new type of birds' lunar residence
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Many species of birds like to nest together, and you can buy various types of boxes that facilitate this type of communal living.

10 Sparrows That Live In The Moon is a spherical nesting box that looks like the moon, with all of the detailed craters actually being entrance holes to the individual compartments inside.

You just hang it up somewhere suitable and watch as the busy little birds fly in and out of the moon.

Delux version glows gently in the dark, with an internal light that mimics the lunar phases.

xenzag, Mar 25 2007

clangers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Clangers
[po, Mar 26 2007]

Clanging with the Clangers http://wagster.multiply.com/music/item/10
Totally shameless self-promotion, but no one else is going to do it. [wagster, Mar 27 2007]


       and I thought you'd finally lost it.
po, Mar 25 2007

       This is a birdhouse.
daseva, Mar 25 2007

       No, you gotta say it like Obi Wan: That's no moon, it's a birdhouse...
jaksplat, Mar 25 2007

       + oh how sweet...
xandram, Mar 25 2007

       Lunar tit. [+]
imaginality, Mar 25 2007

       [+] and can I buy one?   

       And can there be one that looks like a really ginormous wasps nest, to scare the neighbours?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 25 2007

       "The myna in the moon"
phundug, Mar 26 2007

       //Delux version glows gently in the dark, with an internal light that mimics the lunar phases.// Ideal bat box [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 26 2007

       With the special edition "Saturn" bird box, the sparrows could perch on the rotating rings ( - just ignore for the moment the incongruity of there being holes in the 'surface' of something which is supposed to be a gas giant).

Other options - simply because these are vaguely planet-like objects which already have holes in - are the Clangers' planet, and the Death Star.
hippo, Mar 26 2007

       Care must be taken to ensure the absence of parasitic Luna ticks.   

       This would resemble the moon more and more closely as it becomes covered with bird droppings.
phundug, Mar 26 2007

       "It used to be believed that the moon was made of cheese. Now, of course, we know that it's actually suet."
shapu, Mar 26 2007

       [hippo] the wonderful Clangers were very much in mind - but surely unknown to those outside UK ?
xenzag, Mar 26 2007

       I know nothing of Clangers.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 26 2007

       Shocking! You'll be saying that you've never heard of the Soup Dragon next.

Splendid idea xenzag. +
DrBob, Mar 27 2007

       I have a cookbook written by Crescent Dragonwagon. Is that close enough?
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 27 2007

       <swanny-whistle> oooo-aaaa-ooo-ooo-oooo </sw>
zen_tom, Mar 27 2007

       Birds tend to poop a lot. Perhaps this moon thing would have to be made out of a cheap throw away material. [+]
quantum_flux, Mar 27 2007

       I wouldn't mind living there myself.
wagster, Mar 27 2007


       "The Only Jenny Wren in the Universe," for the more territorial birds.
elhigh, Apr 09 2007

       /ginormous wasps nest/   

       wonderful - both moon and wasp nest. The moon as described would lend itself to swallows or purple martins that like living all packed together. Or one could do a many-nested Jupiter, with various smaller single and double nested moonlets in orbit.
bungston, Apr 09 2007

       You could hang a little wind chime under it with the clangers resembling little aliens...then the Bird house would be a "Men and the Moon Bird House"
Blisterbob, Apr 09 2007

       This is the prettiest idea I have come across in a long time. +
stilgar, Apr 12 2007

       Galbinus, I just wanted to tell you that Crescent Dragonwagon and my grandmother were good friends until she died (my grandmother.) My grammy wrote a cookbook too, actually, but I don't know that it's as well known. Her name is Sylvia Teague if you ever happen across it.
monk, Apr 12 2007

       Great Idea!!
johnbakersmon, Aug 27 2008


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