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Bungie bouncing squirrels

"Them squirrels keep stealing my birds monkey nuts"
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First off, find a tree branch hanging roughly 2.5 meters above ground level with adjacent branch docking bays.

One plastic bird feeder stuffed with monkey nuts with a 1 inch hole bored into the side.

Attach the modified bird feeder to a metal coat hanger via 3 loose but strong elastic bands.

Hang feeder via coat hanger upon said suitable branch.

The squirrels will now attempt to accomplish the circus style performance of removing the monkey nuts whilst hanging on to what appears to be a elasticated nut filled bungie express elevator.

The bigger the squirrel the bigger the bounce.

*Should give at least half an hour of feral entertainment before the squirrels work out the bungie system.(replace elastic bands for extra tight slinkys for gravitational defying stunts)

skinflaps, Sep 25 2005

Plastic bird feeder http://www.bird-ven...ird-feeder-Z125.jpg
(don't think they'll get through the coat hanger) [skinflaps, Sep 25 2005]

daylight robbery http://www.squirrels.org/t_video.html
[po, Sep 26 2005]


       Bounce them Stoopid Squirrels
The Kat, Sep 25 2005

       I have spent decades watching my mother invent new ways to defend her bird nuts from the squirelly wrath. She hasn't tried this one yet, but she will...
wagster, Sep 25 2005

       what, you ran outta pellets and CO2?
schmendrick, Sep 25 2005

       Nah, this is much more fun and they don't get shot at.
skinflaps, Sep 26 2005

       Sounds like fun! We've got a lot of squirrels around here to test it on...   

       Should set up video camera to tape the squirrels in action!
istill316, Dec 04 2006

       I put mine next to me postbox oops one second... I wonder if I over did those bungies I wonder if I can fix my mailbox or currently gaint dent
crash, Apr 04 2007

       Hmmmm... I don't know about this one... I see Wile E. Coyote ordering one from ACME and using it to finally capture the Road Runner... The possibilities for mis-use are just too great.
veryvermilion, Apr 04 2007

       Stuffed with monkey nuts? Ewwwwww.....
Noexit, Apr 04 2007

       We bought something like this at a birdfood store. It's basically a hanging spring with a screw to hold an ear of corn. Fun to watch and less cruel than the squirrel catapult.
Ford, Feb 15 2008

       I'm off to the hardware store. This sounds like too much fun to miss.
Blisterbob, Feb 15 2008

       I tried this about a year ago and it was hilarious, kinda baked then.
skinflaps, Feb 15 2008

       meters [sic] and inches?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2008


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