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cotton candy for hummingbirds

The mechanism tosses eentsy blobs of cotton candy into the air near the hummingbird feeder, the hummingbirds then enjoy these, prefering them to bugs. They are made of sugar just like the syrup
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I think that hummingbirds might be attracted to hummingbird feeders at far distances with LEDs (maybe IR too) or possibly at far distances with mild laser pointers.

Then on arriving at the hummingbird feeder along with the syrup, a miniature cotton candy tosser tosses eentsy blobs of cotton candy, which the hummingbirds prefer to bugs. Cotton candy has the advantage of being made of the same thing as the syrup.

Gilding the hummingbird somewhat the other laserpointers could illuminate the already viridescent feathers of the hummingbirds causing them to sparkle with ultra saturated color. This causes the humans to ooh and ahhh even more!

beanangel, Nov 22 2016


       Hummingbirds would probably prefer anything to bugs, since they normally drink nectar. I suspect you would end up with a very pissed-off hummingbird, immobilised by cotton candy-gummed wings, mumbling incoherently through a blocked beak.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 22 2016

       Kudos for using the word eentsy though. Prompted me to look up the word. Do you know its use really took off in the 1960's? There's a Google chart showing eentsy's use over time. It's also made it to the word big leagues, Webster's Dictionary. Although it's a real word, it's been declared "informal" so don't use it when addressing the queen or anything.   

       Its artistic partner in the famous nursery rhyme "weentcy" however didn't fair so well. Although it can be found in the Oxford dictionary attached to eentsy, it is not allowed to be used on its own or with other words evidently. There's no such thing as a merely weentcy spider. Nor could there be a "massive weentcy" spider. Which begs the question, what exactly does weentcy mean anyway? One might assume it adds power to the word eentsy as in: "Was the spider eentsy?" "Oh man, not only that, it was eentsy weentcy!" but that's in the context of its operative word, the vastly more successful eentsy. On its own it doesn't actually exist according to the internet, the repository of all knowledge.   

       It's like they started out together in the nursery rhyme like a rock band and eentsy went on to a more successful solo career.
doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2016

       For that rant, [Dr] I forgive one of your sins.
Voice, Nov 25 2016

       Well, good. One down, about a thousand to go.
doctorremulac3, Nov 26 2016

       He meant artificial hummingbirds. Those would succumb to bugs if not for the cotton candy.
pashute, Nov 27 2016


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