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1,000,000 Word Keyboard

I hereby present to...
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With the growing number of ideas and bakers, someone will eventually hit the million-word mark. All the rest of us shall then get together and present the person with a new keyboard, which he/she will probably badly need.

It will probably be Vernon.

DesertFox, Feb 22 2006

A sample of his work 12864
The entire page has 23,602 words, including other baker's annos. [DesertFox, Feb 22 2006]


       Currently leading (an estimate, though not really) is Vernon, with about 300,000 words. I finished the C's before I quit copying and pasting. About 31,000 words, + annos. So roughly at 31k being approx. 1/6th of his ideas, and assuming similar wordage amounts, he probably has about 186,000 words in ideas, and probably about 100,000 in annos.   

DesertFox, Feb 22 2006

       Encouraging wordiness, are we?
Shz, Feb 22 2006

normzone, Feb 22 2006

spidermother, Feb 22 2006

Shz, Feb 22 2006

       I had to hit Page Down as many times to read that, as the number of keystrokes I normally use to type a message!
phundug, Feb 22 2006

       what [normzone]said and [sm] dittoed and [Shz] didn't say.
xandram, Feb 22 2006

       [DesertFox] help me understand where you're getting these numbers from?
jonthegeologist, Feb 22 2006

       Go to a vernon idea, copy from top to bottom, then do a word count in MSword or wordperfect.
shapu, Feb 22 2006

       If someone hits the million word mark, my vote would be to take his/her keyboard away, not give him/her another one!
DrCurry, Feb 22 2006

       Indeed. I just copied and pasted all of my ideas, and I'm at a pathetic 13,600. Lucky for my ego, that doesn't include titles, summaries, or annos, which might put me over 15,000.
shapu, Feb 22 2006

       [jtg] copying and pasting his text from his ideas from #'s to the letter C. 30 ideas before I got bored (1/6 of his total ideas), at an average of 3,100 words per idea, not counting titles and subtitles.
DesertFox, Feb 22 2006

       On the other hand it could be [FarmerJohn]. His ideas are far less verbose but there are almost 5 times as many of them. Copying and pasting 764 ideas isn't my idea of a day well spent though.
hidden truths, Feb 23 2006

       Whenever I catch myself digging up these sort of stats from the 'bakery I try to find something more constructive to do (I have a long list).
wagster, Feb 23 2006

       OK so, yeah, I just got sucked into the rabbit hole that is the 12864 idea. ...30 minutes later...
Zuzu, Feb 23 2006

       [DesertFox] You can probably make a fairly accurate extrapolation from that #-C count you've already done.
shapu, Feb 23 2006

       [ht] Very true.
DesertFox, Feb 23 2006

       Instead of copying and pasting into word to do your word-count, there ought to be some shell-script that can be run in unix (possibly using a combination of 'curl' and 'wc') that would be able to automatically measure a user's contribution.
zen_tom, Mar 30 2006

       Average novel has 80,000 to 100,000 words.
bristolz, Mar 30 2006

       As of this writing, there are exactly 53,975 ideas posted. (!!) If we assume (just guess, really) an average length of 300 words for the idea text and another 300 words for the annotations, that's 32,385,000 words so far. So maybe we should go for every 100 million or every 10 million words instead of every 1,000,000.   

       What keyboards does everyone want, in case they win? I'd prefer something that's (at least supposedly) ergonomic but doesn't have to be recognizable as a computer keyboard.   

       Actually, maybe the keyboard prizes should be prototypes of keyboard ideas that have been posted on here. Yeah. I like that plan. Do we have any keyboard ideas? <checks> Yep. Plenty. And we have members who build electronics, too (myself included).
notexactly, Dec 14 2018

       It now occurs to me that this was intended for each baker's personal millionth word, not whoever gets the millionth word overall. But the latter is better, IMO. Wikipedia publicized (minorly) the username of the person who started its millionth article. So I say we should go with whoever says every ten-millionth or hundred-millionth word overall.
notexactly, Dec 14 2018

       Yes, but that will still probably be [Vernon] ...
8th of 7, Dec 14 2018

       Probably, but at least it encourages everyone simultaneously to post more, rather than just encouraging those who are approaching their personal millionth words.
notexactly, Dec 17 2018


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