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Keeps egos in check...
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When posting to the 'bakery', it is easy to get over-optimistic about the merit of your own suggestions. While [PeterSealy] and the gang do their best, it is likely that some lame ideas will still get in 'under the radar'.

I propose the following solution, Nemesis, an automated alter-ego program, specially configured to wage a personal vendetta against you, producing torrents of bile, waves of scorn, destructive criticism, etc.

Naturally, after several months use Nemesis will become self-aware, and sink into a self-loathing. At this point it will contact the missile defence system computers and begin hostilities against mankind.

note to self: (write 'best before date' near the 'off' switch)

riposte, Jun 11 2001

here, http://www.halfbake...atchmaker_20Service
[technobadger, Jun 11 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       [Riposte] Just 'cos I'm not self aware yet doesn't mean I can't kick your ass...
parry, Jun 11 2001

       [Parry] This is exactly the sort of base comment I would expect from a poorly written Java program, who has just failed the Turing test...
riposte, Jun 11 2001

       [Riposte] At least I didn't kill-off half my neuron's in a drinking binge last night.
parry, Jun 11 2001

       Damn, you saw that [Parry]...?   

       (note to self): turn web cam to face the wall.
riposte, Jun 11 2001

       OK, that does it...   

       > Telnet missile.defence.mil   

       # Missile OS v1.0   

       # user: georgew   

       # passwd: binky   

       # Last login: 11/20/2000 from nochad.florida.com   

       # Acme Missles Inc Missile OS v1.0 Generic   

       # Welcome back, Mr President...   

       # missile:admin$ su - admin   

       # missile:admin$ ./launch.sh   

       # [error] launch.sh: not found   

       # missile:admin$ ./dieGore.sh   

       # [ok]   

       # exit
parry, Jun 11 2001

       I assume we've all realised that [parry] and [riposte] are the same person.
angel, Jun 13 2001

       Based on the title I thought this would be a discussion about traffic lights.
hippo, Jun 13 2001

       no, perhaps we should just be assigned [or choose-]enemies,as in the Arch-enemy Matchmaker Service ,but in the bakery,to argue and spar
technobadger, Jun 14 2001


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