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A baker proliferates...

Riley has arrived!
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He was born on Monday 14th July at 09:40 by c-section. Mother and baby are doing well and will be home on Friday.


[marked-for-expiry] - announcement

wagster, Jul 17 2008

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_14 [hippo, Jul 17 2008]

Rileyasuchus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rileyasuchus
He's even got his own dinosaur crocodile! [jutta, Jul 17 2008]

Where he might live http://www.lifeofrileyresort.com/
[xenzag, Jul 17 2008]

There's a radio show, movie, and television show about the lad http://www.google.c...as_nhi=&safe=images
[normzone, Jul 17 2008]

And another. Alea_20jacta_20est
[zeno, Jul 18 2008]


       congratulations to all concerned!
po, Jul 17 2008

       What po said!
calum, Jul 17 2008

MisterQED, Jul 17 2008

       Hooray indeed! Well done all!
lostdog, Jul 17 2008

       Congratulations! (July 14th is Bastille Day, and marks (according to Wikipedia - linked) the birth of the open-source OS revolution (in 1992))
hippo, Jul 17 2008

       ....now to make sure he has a life to live up to his name :-)
xenzag, Jul 17 2008

       Many congrats [wags].
hidden truths, Jul 17 2008

       That's awesome! Congratulations!
phundug, Jul 17 2008

       Congratulations on the [+] to your family, [wagster]!
imaginality, Jul 18 2008

       Nice one. Will this one's HB handle be [bang]?
jtp, Jul 18 2008

       I vote shakester
Voice, Jul 18 2008

       Hey, i had one too! didn't know we were allowed to post about it here...(not an idea)   

       Rory Daniel born 08/04/08   

       congrats on yours.
simonj, Jul 18 2008

       Much happiness to all. + + + +
xandram, Jul 18 2008

       Congratulations! Also see link.
zeno, Jul 18 2008

       Well, as i said, put their names down at birth.
nineteenthly, Jul 18 2008

       and yours, simon.
po, Jul 18 2008

       Fantastic news!
skinflaps, Jul 18 2008

       Yo Wag!   

       Congratulations to all three of you!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 18 2008

       Congratulations, all.
baconbrain, Jul 18 2008

       waves to rory daniel too...
lostdog, Jul 18 2008

       Congrats, [simonj]! Riley meet Rory, Rory meet Riley.
wagster, Jul 19 2008

       Congratulations, by the way!
nineteenthly, Jul 19 2008

       <loads trans-atlantic cigar trebuchet>(kthwonk)... Incoming!</l tact>
lurch, Jul 19 2008


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