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1/2 size golf courses

instead of having 18 different courses, have 9 courses with tee and green on the both end of each fairway.
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golf courses are just too big of area taken up by a just too little of activities. and they are big polluters with all the chemicals dumped on to keep the vast, manicured fields looking the way they are. so...make them smaller. the idea is, after playing the 1st hole, instead of walking over to the 2nd, tee up at the same end of the hole and go backwards to where the green for the 2nd hole is, located next to the 1st tee. pair up 3rd & 4th holes, 5th & 6th holes, and so on. this way, it'll reduce the size to a 1/2, yet line is always different, don't have to walk as far, the galleries can stay in one place for two holes, and most importantly, reduces polution.... only drawback that I can think of is a group has to wait 'til the group ahead of them finish 2 holes before they can tee up. but hey, being patient is part of the sport....
procrastinator, Apr 05 2001


       golf......a nice walk spoilt.
squirrel, Apr 05 2001

       waugsqueke, thanx. grolf... huh. yeah, I like the idea of 1/18 size too. but then you'd be playing same hole over and over again.
procrastinator, Apr 05 2001

       Actually, holes could be networked. Same green for two directional approaches. 4 greens and 5 fairways can have 10 holes in play with 4, 5 or 6 groups of players making their approaches depending on actual length of fairway. I'll demonstrate:
On paper lightly draw a simple pyramid. Mark circle at each corner and at bottom of perpendicular intersection. Intersection =A, left corner=B, top=C, right corner=D
Outline using directional arrows in the following order
AB, BC, CD, DA, AC, CB, BA, AD, DC, CA. Congratulations on a fine round. This can be extended further but I won't take up the time or space.
thumbwax, Apr 05 2001

       thumbwax, that works for fairways, but I think each of 18 greens should be unique. shapes...sizes.. (?)
procrastinator, Apr 05 2001

       Yes, I am aware of this inherent flaw. Each green should be surrounded by hazards and of course, not be perfectly flat. Fairways also play differently when going in a reverse direction, as there is a need to avoid trees and other obstacles, let alone lay of land. Doglegs, Hills-whether up or down, rolling--and the occurence thereof--all contribute to the game being markedly different in each directions approach. As I've played Golf since I was 8, now f-f-f-f-forty, I've had many opportunities to play different holes in a hopscotch manner, given the circumstances (lateness of the hour, heat, boredom, my partners, if any). We or I would use 1 Teebox for a different fairway/green. Changes everything. We've even kept 2nd balls in play from the first hole to the 18th, (must hit from behind teebox) without ever picking it up until the ball ended up in the 18th hole.
thumbwax, Apr 06 2001

       Baked: has nobody noticed the double greens on the Old Course, St. Andrews?   

       But vertical golf... this idea has legs. But I suggest we play into really deep holes in the ground. That way, playing down reduces the effort needed to make the ball go more than a few feet. This also will correct every golfer's slice and hook.
mcscotland, Apr 06 2001

jutta, Apr 06 2001

       Did you see that? She hit the ball with her Golf Bat, smacked it off the wall, and blammo, time for a Heineken... Yeah, doubles at Old Course... knew I forgot to say something, dang it.
thumbwax, Apr 06 2001

       Yeah, like messing with American Football.
redpony, Apr 11 2001


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