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3d indoor golf

I know golf is already in 3 dimensions.
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Fairways in huge indoor rooms with different levels and ramps and corners, this would kinda be like the royal tennis version of golf.
Gulherme, Nov 29 2002


       A full size golf course?
thumbwax, Nov 29 2002

       Yep full sized, think boeing hanger.
Gulherme, Nov 29 2002

       Well, in that case, I'll try not to break anything. Key word: try. Enjoying the fluffy pastry?
thumbwax, Nov 29 2002

       Sorta like full size mini golf! I think you're on a roll today, a croissant that is.
madradish, Nov 30 2002

       19 levels, 19th hole is the watering hole.
Pellepeloton, Oct 01 2006


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