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2-way drag and drop

Save as fast as you open.
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First off, I know the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S to save.

What I am proposing would be a standard toolbar icon in editing (word processing, graphic, etc) programs, perhaps a hand holding a little floppy (which no one uses anymore) or something that allowed a user to drag a document back into a folder to save it the same way that you can drag from a file manager into many programs.

This would not necessarily be used when only one copy is needed, but in my situation I have to have to regularly save three folders, all of which I generally have open on my desktop because I have to access them regularly: a folder on my local machine (for backup), a folder on the company server and often another folder for my editor.

With the outward bound drag and drop icon I could select the document and drag it back into these folders.

This icon could also allow for partial selection, with customizable numbering conventions so that an open document, midi, or image could have separate elements selected and saved.

If I am uploading an application skin and want to show users what each window looks like, I usually have to hit print screen and “copy-to” a bunch of times. Not with D&D save. With word documents I often have to save snippets (items cut from a story that may have to be reinserted) in various annoying ways (some Mac programs allow for scraps, but not my pc). Making your own crappy techno song and want to upload a sample of it? D&D save.

Maybe you could also drag to shortcuts on your desktop to upload to your website, to e-mail or whatever.

I could find nothing describing the situation I wanted, as a standard feature for multiple programs, online. I am sorry if I missed it.

JeremiahBritt, Dec 08 2004

(?) Java/Java3D http://escience.anu...oject/hints.en.html
See quote in annotation at right -- if this is akin to what you're suggesting. [reensure, Dec 13 2004]


       I like this. Also, it would be nice if you could drag directly to taskbar items.
-----, Dec 08 2004

       Sounds useful
DesertFox, Dec 13 2004

       Looks like someone dragged a bone.   

       "Problem: Serialized objects are really inconvenient to use. Implementing the Serializable interface allows the saving and loading of objects to be handled internally by java.... Solution: I wrote my own classes to load and save objects in my scene. The PathSaver object ... can be used to load these paths again. When these paths are reloaded they are reloaded as DummyPaths, which carry all the data ... but none of the behavior, so it is up to my ... classes to take these DummyPaths and recreate (objects)."
reensure, Dec 13 2004

       RISC OS has had saving by drag and drop since around 1987. I suppose not all programs allow saving an arbritrary selection, but I suppose that cannot be implemented at the OS level.
Loris, Dec 13 2004

       I'd like this in a web browser to be able to drag a shortcut to the _current_ page out onto the desktop or elsewhere. IE (and I assume other browsers) let you drag a link out to create a shortcut, but what if you arrived at the page via some method other than a hyperlink? Nothing to drag.
krelnik, Dec 13 2004


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