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Accent / Dialect / Patois Select On Word Processor

Have your readers hear the character's accent in their heads as they read.
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Select "Boston working class", "California surfer", "Southern sheriff", "London barrister", "Cockney truck driver" etc.

Highlight the line you want translated, hit the "Add accent of:" button, select the accent (Southern Sheriff in this example) and the below sentence:

"I pulled you over because you were going 66 in a 65 zone."


"Pulled ya'll ova cuzin yuze gon siddy sis inna siddy fa zon."

Somebody has to have already thought of this. A1, I'll leave that for you to check, you're good at finding prior art. If you can't find it, it ain't out there. Appreciate your help.

doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

The Dialectizer http://www.rinkworks.com/dialect/
[a1, Sep 09 2022]

Dog translator https://www.youtube.../shorts/0qAZjUM_gBI
[doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2022]


       As you asked so nicely I hope you aren't offended by my reply,   

       The ability to highlight text and translate to other languages is built in at operating system level on Apple, Windows, and Android/Chrome devices and many apps use it. There are also countless web pages and browser plugins for translations. Adding novelty language/dialect packages to these strikes me as less of an "idea" and more of a "dad-joke."   

       Or as the Halfbakery help file might call it, a different flavor:   

       // flavor - the poster would like something that already comes in a number of flavors to come in another flavor. For example, tomato ice cream, or chocolate toothpaste. This includes metaphorical flavors, such as which band you'd like to see a "Guitar Hero" version of - unless the combination is unusual enough to convince readers to not complain about it. (Good luck with that.) //
a1, Sep 09 2022

       Gotcha, baked.   

       But respectfully disagree about it not being an idea. It's a translator for accents. I use the "Could you patent it?" test. Looking at the Dialectizer, you certainly could. If you had a translator for dog barks that would also be very patentable, though it's a version of a widly known to exist language translator. That'd be kind of interesting too. (hmm)   

       From somebody who holds several patents, (some of which have made pretty good money) here's how you judge whether something is patentable. Is it useful, novel, and non-obvious? A dog bark translator would be all of those, so would a dialect translator although you could say it's a variation of something that already exists.   

       But it has been done so per standard protocol I'll leave it up for 24 hours before taking it down.   

       Thank you for finding that for me a1. Appreciate it.
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       Or to use your Dialectizer:   

       Gotcha, baked, cuss it all t' tarnation.   

       But respeckfully disagree about it not bein' an idea. It's a translato' fo' patois. ah use th' "C'd yo' patent it?" test. Lookin' at th' Dialeckizer, yo' sartinly c'd. Eff'n yo' had a translato' fo' houn'dog barks thet'd also be mighty patentable, though it's a vahshun of a widly known t'exist language translato'. Thet'd be kind of interestin' too. (hmm)   

       LOL, like how they turned "dog barks" into "houn' dog barks".
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       // From somebody who holds several patents, (some of which have made pretty good money) //   

       Six that I know of, including at least one that was a successful product until cheap knock-offs went disrespecting your intellectual property rights.   

       Before you call me a stalker for simply knowing that, here's a tip: Anyone who's been on HB for a long time has had a chance to see a lot of your personal history, lists of people you know, remarks about of specific accomplishments, and other easily identifiable details. You've even signed your real name on some posts, whether you realize it or not.   

       I may be more observant than some, but it's not hard for anyone to put it together.   

       So - if you're genuinely paranoid about anyone here knowing who you really are, you might want to dial those kind of remarks back a bit. But if *pretending" to be an incognito celebrity is just part of your fun - carry on!
a1, Sep 09 2022

       When did I say I was a celebrity?   

       And wow! Yea, that’s really creepy.   

       Anyway, I was trying to be friendly to you. Oh well. If you change your mind and want to be nice to each other let me know.
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       I thought I was being nice. Helpful, actually, in case you were really paranoid and wanted some tips about protecting yourself.   

       // When did I say I was a celebrity? //   

       Oh goodness, when are you NOT blowing your own horn? :D If you really want a list of posts here I can link some, including the one that has your real name on it.
a1, Sep 09 2022

       Protecting myself from what?
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       Not from me, Were you expecting me to show up at your place in a sharkskin suit, dark glasses, saying things like "Nice place you got 'ere mate, it'd be a shame if anything ... 'appened ...to it..." ?   

       That's not my gig. I have no interest other than having good natured humor at your expense.
a1, Sep 09 2022

       Well, you're being very nasty. Oh well, I tried to be nice.   

       As I've said before, let's give each other our space. Plenty of room for all of us to enjoy ourselves here. Some folks don't get along, no reason they have to be interacting all the time.   

       Take care a1.
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       You're hilarious,   

       You asked (actually, TOLD) me to comment on this post. Your rebuttal to my remarks included claims of how successful some of your patents/inventions are. Hardly a week goes by that you don't inject some "hey, look at me!" comment on HB but when someone really does so they're being creepy, or nasty, or whatever...   

       But sure, I'll give you your space. I promise never to speak to you or about you again, unless I see a public post from you here on HB.
a1, Sep 09 2022

       Take care a1.
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2022

       What? Give me my space! :D
a1, Sep 09 2022

       Sorry to interrupt a good knife fight, but I have a comment on the idea.   

       Any given implementation of this idea would work only from the point of view of speakers of one particular form of English. Or, to put it another way, the idea presupposes the existence of a standard English pronunciation, because the morphemes which the software produces must map to dialect phonemes according to some pre-determined pattern (which is not the pattern used by the dialect-speaker), and a pattern of mapping morphemes to phonemes is kinda what pronunciation is.
pertinax, Sep 11 2022

       Accents are a lot more than different pronunciation.
Voice, Sep 11 2022


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