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2006: A Croissant Odyssey

(Thanks [DesertFox])
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As is (i think) generally known, various garden gnomes traverse the globe between acquaintances, getting plastered in various labels and so forth as evidence of their travels and being photographed in far-flung places. So far as i know, this has never been done between members of the Halfbakery. I suggest that one of us buys a small spade of the kind used by children on beaches writes their name on it and posts it to another halfbaker, and so it goes on. I can't do this though, because although i know there is at least one other halfbaker in this city, i don't know their address.
nineteenthly, Feb 06 2006

jurist reminded me of Barnaby Bear http://www.barnabyb.../teachers%20inf.htm
oops, not that jurist resembles a teddybear in any way... [po, Feb 07 2006]

Toy Wooden Croissant http://www.oompa.com/cgi-bin/item/HA1499
Only $1.50 each [hippo, Feb 07 2006]


       Oh, give me a gnome
Where the buffalo roam
and the deer and the antelope play

       Sorry, had to let it out. [+], but make it a plastic pastry instead. What's a spade have to do with the halfbakery?
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

       I would like it to be a croissant too, but "2006: A Croissant Odyssey" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?
nineteenthly, Feb 06 2006

       //As is (i think) generally known, various garden gnomes traverse the globe between acquaintances, getting plastered //
Bugger!, they're on to me!.
gnomethang, Feb 06 2006

       //I would like it to be a croissant too, but "2006: A Croissant Odyssey" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?//   

       Actually, it does, I like it a lot. :)   

       2001: A Space Odyssey (I just got the book from the library, for about the tenth time. Heh)   

       Whoops! Forgot to leave this here:
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

       Why not mail a Halfbaker from place to place, getting plastered in each? I'm sure po would be up for it.
DrCurry, Feb 06 2006

       Can we mail [benfrost] to Vatican City? Can we? Please?
wagster, Feb 06 2006

       gnomethang surely.
po, Feb 06 2006

       How about 2006: A Pastry Odyssey?   

       [bf] for Pope! Three rounds, one fall, no submissions.
moomintroll, Feb 06 2006

       Hooray! An extra giant-sized, fluffy, warm, oven-toasted, flakey croissant for you, mailed straight from Dallas!   

       Though, I'm still at a loss as to why it's a spade. :) As that song says, "A spade is a spade is a spade is a spade....".
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

       A concrete croissant?
bristolz, Feb 07 2006

       Heh, better than an abstract croissant!
DesertFox, Feb 07 2006

       if i was supposed to mail you a croissant but didn't, i apologize- i was hungry.   

       but clearly we can't be mailing spades and croissants. no bun just yet.
carpeliam, Feb 07 2006

       posting spades to each other.   

       remember the trouble we had organising a get well card?
po, Feb 07 2006

       *Get Well* cards have an element of timeliness to them that is absent from the mere circulation of a novelty. If it takes two or three years for [nineteenthly]'s spade, or croissant, or gnome to circumnavigate the hinter reaches of the global 'bakery, who cares? There is no real urgency inherent in this project's scope. Nobody is ln a hospital bed in dire need of distraction and positive support. Nobody is physically stranded in central California without the financial means to return home. It only takes one person to get the project started, and it will get to its end when it gets to its end. It will still be a delectable fresh-baked joy to each new recipient, regardless of the time elapsed from when it was first launched.   

       For the purposes of minimizing onerous postage costs and undue customs inspections, may I suggest that whatever you select to circulate should optimally fit in a standard business envelope and weigh less than one ounce. (If you were going to stubbornly stick with the "Spade" theme, for example, I would suggest circulating an Ace of Spades playing card or a small photo of Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade for its weight, rather than a plastic sand toy.)   

       Or, in search of something more significant, since sending "pips" and "feathers" (as well as real croissant flakes and/or real fishbones) could be problematic in these days of increased security scrutiny, perhaps each person who receives the Odyssey note could print out and attach their single favorite halfbakery idea before passing the packet to the next baker.
jurist, Feb 07 2006

       Fresh croissants might not last a multi-year transglobal journy. Can I suggest a toy wooden croissant instead? (see link)
hippo, Feb 07 2006

       Make sure you send it to someone in Copenhagen. Take picture. Voila - Danish pastry.
goff, Feb 07 2006

       It should be something you could be photographed with, or wearing. Pictures could be posted somewhere...   

       How about a Halfbakery-based Hat?? That would post OK......It could be a Dunces cap. Or a model of [DesertFox]'s "Propeller Haticopter"
Minimal, Feb 07 2006


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