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21st Century Schizoid Wall

aka wall of rotating knobs
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I like climbing walls, and have posted several idea variations of them here. This is another one.

The subtext name explains itself. ie the customary knobs that act as hand and foot holds on a conventional climbing wall are all attached to motorised disks of varying diameters, loci and rotation speeds. This results in a wall where nothing remains in the same place for long, meaning that any climber who attempts the ascent must add timing control to their leg and arm movements. A firm hand hold may slowly rotate out of reach, but equally, a better one may spin into range.

The movements can be set at various levels of difficulty, ranging from being totally static through benign, to completely schizoid.

The wall is also infinitely variable, with no configuration ever being repeated. This means that no fixed route can be planned and rehearsed ahead of actually begining the climb.

Good luck climbers! Ropes are useless on this wall, so there are plenty of large pieces of fake boulders made from nice impact absorbing foam at the bottom, to catch the daring mountaineers as they fall.

xenzag, Dec 04 2016


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