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Creates a 3-D rotatable, zoomable image of a climb.
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For rock climbers of all stripes.

Sits on a tripod with a long extendable arm or can be lowered down a cliff to get a digital, 3d depiction of a climb or cliff. Would use either radar or sonic waves to map out the "topography" of the cliff. Comes with tie-in points for big wall and multi-pitch climbing.

Although considered cheating by most people in the sport, it could be extremely useful for the adventure climber exploring untouched rock.

Could come with a small, portable computer to view and store the images and store GPS coordinates and route info.

Dripdry, Jan 09 2007


       to get a useable resolution, you'd need a millimetric radar, or perhaps one of those new flash <<{laser-radars}>>. Unless you get really tricky (and I mean really really tricky) you're stuck with line-of-sight anyway.   

       big bucks, my friend.   

       just buy a spotting scope, and use your brain.   

       EDIT - Reference to apparently fictional laser radar highlighted, as I couldn't find any reference to them on the net. I read about it somewhere, though.
Custardguts, Jan 09 2007

       bingo! I knew I wasn't crazy. I had it in my head that the mig-29 used a "laser radar", only it turns out it doesn't, just references a laser rangefinder to it's conventional radar for accuracy. Most of that Lidar stuff is about large scale geo-mapping, but I'm still sure I've read about it being used to map smaller spaces, such as a room for a robot to navigate, etc.   

       cheers [21]
Custardguts, Jan 10 2007


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