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Auto-orientation climbing gear, with bees

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Saw someone wearing a North Face climbing jackets and realised the opportunity to upgrade polarity wise.

First we need bees, but we'll come to that later. Surely the point of a North Face jacket is to show manly vigour in not doing the wimpy South face, but what happens when they cross the equator?

Surely then the South Face is the one with the harsher conditions?

And so, by installing a small beehive in the back of the jacket, the bees keep track of the North/South alignment and rotate the labels North, to East, West, South and and subsets thereof.

After trials it seemed the bees were ok with it, but they generated enough extra heat to make very strenuous climbs a bit too warm. Luckily bees themselves are sensitive to heat and by monitoring their activity it is possible to the get the trained monkey (merely a dwarf Yeti, but you try explaining that at Crufts) to loosen and unfurl the many pleats, vents, zips, openings, aperture, vent holes, gaps, orifices, spaces, cavities, clefts, slits, pores and ports that make up 63 of the 128 metres of fabric required for the jacket.

not_morrison_rm, Mar 15 2016

The North Face https://en.wikipedi...ki/Eiger#North_face
"The North Face" refers to the North Face of the Eiger, a rather difficult climb. Not north as a direction. [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 17 2016]


       I'm sorry nobody commented on your bee idea. I don't really have a comment either. Just this...this comment. Sorry lonely bee idea.
blissmiss, Mar 17 2016

       Nyet problem, sometimes it's better to let an idea go, but anno appreciated.   

       //"The North Face" refers to the North Face of the Eiger, a rather difficult climb.   

       <starts working on device to rotate the Eiger between 90 and 180 degrees randomly when no one is looking>
not_morrison_rm, Mar 18 2016


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