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21stcentury Curb feelers

Sensers let you know how close your are to the curb.
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I remember as a child hearing the noise when my mom would know she was close to the curb ,by the sound of the metal rods of the spring loades curb feelers. This device had prevented many a family argument over the loss of exterior wall of a tire caused by contact with the curb and tire and the untrained or incompetant family driver. With the use of simple acustic measuring devise set to set an alrm at a preset distance (similur to the ones used to measure inside walls) mounted on the fender well of your car and wired to an audible screech. You could revise the invention of days past. This would also work for running over bicycles,dogs, or any other unfortunate item in the pathway of the unknowing speedster.
shradius, Jun 06 2002

Car Whiskers http://www.halfbake...idea/Car_20Whiskers
[MrWrong, Jun 06 2002]

(?) Curb Feelers For The New Millenium http://media.siemen...html?prjob_num=1169
Almost word-for-word, in fact... [MrWrong, Jun 06 2002]


       partially baked in the form of reverse parking indicators, if I understand the idea correctly. +.
yamahito, Jun 06 2002

       Baked and half-baked (see links)...
MrWrong, Jun 06 2002


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