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Car Theremin

because hippo got in before me with car whiskers.
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Fit these to the vulnerable corners of the car and listen to the eerie warbling notes fill the cockpit when you get close to another vehicle. The tone tells you about the shape and density of the object.
<hippy_moment>It's like you can see with your ears, man.</hippy_moment>
st3f, Nov 01 2001


       Seeing with your ears? Is it Synesthesis week?
stupop, Nov 01 2001

       My car makes weird humming and warbling noises already - you didn't install this without telling me, did you?
DrBob, Nov 01 2001

       [stupop]: Time to find out if that lemon really does taste yellow.   

       [DrBob]: ...and your land-yacht.
st3f, Nov 01 2001


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