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Listen to other drivers music.
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When you drive, the car picks up the music from the other cars, and you can discover new music, and feel the community of the commuters :-)
jonasbits, Jul 22 2009


       Easily baked by boosting the range of the iPod-style FM adapters.
coprocephalous, Jul 22 2009

       Sometimes you don't need to pick up their music, because it you can hear it anyway [+].
Aristotle, Jul 22 2009

       If the style of that car and its driver seem compatible with yours, and so does the song currently playing, then why stop there? Swap your song collections.
doanviettrung, Jul 27 2009

       Funny, you guys have soo good ideas!
jonasbits, Aug 13 2009

       Since I've got one of those FM adapters, I'd thought about other people hearing my music...seems like a violation, especially if they hear some of the music in my collection. I've thought about checking through frequencies for someone else broadcasting, but I'm just too lazy.
toodles, Aug 13 2009

       Actually I was thinking more of a digital approach, every car can have a commuter playlist. And when you get near to another car, you get that playlist, say with 10 songs. And you can play them randomly, or choose the song you want to play.   

       To make the DRM-people happy, you can bookmark the music for buying later, or wishlist it.   

       I like the bit about swapping music collection, but is that legal? ;-)
jonasbits, Apr 24 2010

       Then get the 'Mr. Microphone' thing going by talking into their radio. 'Hey Babe, like your tunes. There's a train crossing up ahead. Mind if I drop over?'
Mustardface, Apr 24 2010

       maybe a ticker reflecting in the windscreen showing of the different styles of music and the song titles of the cars passing bye   

       could use a bluetooth enabled app in a smartphone to make the connection and later on set up a wifi connection if needed. (ex. swap entire collection option)
jonasbits, May 10 2012

       Somewhere there's a story about filesharing on the interstate - I don't remember where - I'll go hunt.
normzone, May 10 2012


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