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Bicycle car proximity collision crash detection

Proximity collision detection device
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The device is an electronic shield which detects space violations within a certain distance of an object and emits a warning signal when an object breaches this space or shows directional vectors heading at high velocity to impact the space. Similar to star wars missile defence system.

Utility: All objects using the road have one of these, eg cars, pedestrians, trains, bicycles. When a collsion is imminent, a warning signal appears in ALL units with proximity to the POTENTIAL collision. Warning is graded and/or reflects probability of collsion, type of space breach.

Mainly for cyclists to be warned of oncoming cars and/or drivers opening car doors into traffic. For cars, this could be mounted on the mirror and indicate the presence of a cyclist coming towards the car. The device would then automatically lock the door until the cyclist had passed.

johnchaughey, Nov 22 2001

Rate of Close Indicator http://www.halfbake...20close_20indicator
A bit like this then? [DrBob, Nov 22 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       DrBob: exactly the same, I'd say. Read StarChaser's first annotation and some of the other comments to see how redundant this idea is.
pottedstu, Nov 22 2001

       Even if there was an 'electronic shield' it would be pretty useless. Cyclist collisions with opening car doors happen way too fast to take preventative action, let alone react to a warning. Think about it - it might take 0.5s to open a car door to a dangerous position. At 20mph on my bike, I'll cover 5 yards in that time.
hippo, Nov 22 2001

       You must have been going downhill to get it up to that speed. Or was someone giving you a push?
DrBob, Nov 22 2001

       he'd just farted.
lewisgirl, Nov 22 2001

       - no, that was UnaBubba. What do you mean anyway? 20mph isn't too fast for cycling. Bunch of wimps, honestly.
hippo, Nov 22 2001

       jeez, UB must have incredible flatulence if it can get right round the world and propel you on your bicycle, hippo!
lewisgirl, Nov 22 2001

       I had my father clock me on my bike <A 5 gear mountain bike> at one point, and in fifth gear, just cruising with no real effort put into it, I was doing 25mph. If I worked at it, I could get up to 35, but couldn't sustain that for more than a minute. 20mph is not unreasonable.
StarChaser, Nov 22 2001

       My incredulity was caused not by the fact that a bicycle can get up to 20mph but by the fact that hippo can get it up to that speed.
DrBob, Nov 22 2001

       'Car-dooring' is the largest single cause of cyclist fatalities in the UK. It's also really annoying. I don't think a sensor on the wing mirror to detect oncoming cycles is either unfeasible or redundant.
stupop, Nov 26 2001

       While the expression 'car-dooring' may not be grammatically correct, it conveys the idea well and is frequently used. If everyone took your attitude [waugsqueke] we'd all still be speaking Middle English (not to mention being constantly snappy and unpleasant to each other).
stupop, Nov 26 2001

       In accordance with starchaser, I regularly pass cars going down the highway into town on my bike while I am coasting, which means I am traveling faster than 45 mph. I've never had the problem with"car-dooring" though, most of my crashes happen when I hit the curb wrong.
salmon, Nov 26 2001

       Car doorings are generally preventable by assertive and paranoid cycling. Right hooks are less easy to control. One very significant type of collision is the right hook from a long vehicle. Trucks could carry proximity sensors to detect (foolish) cyclists venturing between the wheels as it turns right (UK left). The sensor could issue an audio warning to the cyclist as well as the driver. It is much easier to mandate such equipment on commercial trucks than on private cars.
MichaelW, Feb 04 2002

       Wow, snappy title!
Tell me, how would this work and would it be at all economical?

       [StarChaser]: fastest I got my bike to go was 40 kph (my cycle computer wouldnt tell me in mph) going down a hill. I was pretty chuffed.
.oO( what an anicdote... )Oo.
NickTheGreat, Aug 02 2002


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