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Haptic Back Rest

Provides Situational Awareness without having you take your eyes from the road.
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This can either be OEM or an after-market add-on and will be known as the HBR (as distinguished from the HB which is already taken). It is a combination of those ubiquitous wooden bead seatcovers and those pin art toys - all linked to your car's external sensors.

The HBR provides continuous situational awareness of all vehicles and obstacles within a 360 degree radius of your vehicle. The centre of your back represents your vehicle while the Haptic Back Rest discreetly lets you know the whereabouts of that taxi trying to sneak up around you on the shoulder (literally and figuratively) and the truck coming up your behind. (Could be painful, that)

After a bit of use, your mind would not even be conscious of the HBR's movements but you would just 'know' where the locations of all hazards around you. As a bonus, when stuck in traffic the HBR can provide soothing waves of massage up and down your back as stress relief.

AusCan531, Jan 12 2016

haptic? https://en.wikipedi...i/Haptic_technology
what' thaty? [popbottle, Jan 12 2016]


       Or should that be "tactile"?
AusCan531, Jan 12 2016

       Either is good - it just depends on whether you want to go Latin or Greek. Greek works better if you're trying to intimidate people with complete b*******. (For example, "hyper" sounds more special than "super", but means exactly the same thing - but in Greek).
pertinax, Jul 26 2022


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