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24/7 Obama Channel

What, it isn't CNN?
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Today, CNN reported that President Barack Obama killed a fly. It was actually on their newsblog.

Barry is everywhere in the media it seems. I predict that we'll end up with giant pictures of his face everywhere like you see in Iran of the Ayatollah. I personally suspect he watches reruns of himself speaking to fill the little downtime.

To satisfy the thronged masses who cannot get enough of the Prez, I propose the 24 hour Barack Obama channel. Picture the Truman Show, minus the Classified bits, with a knowing superstar.

Watch him eat breakfast, shave, play basketball, have bowel movements, and give moving speeches in his sleep.

RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2009

Anybody remember the tale "Seven at one blow" ? http://www.youtube....watch?v=5rbUH_iVjYw
[normzone, Jun 18 2009]


       I'm sure The Party would love that. Welcome to Oceania.   

       try NBC. it's second favorite show is What is Michelle wearing today!
dentworth, Jun 17 2009

       Sure. Go with it!
bungston, Jun 17 2009

       Call it Obamorama! Meanwhile, I'm not happy to hear that he killed a fly... you'll pay for that crime against the insect world, president or not! - d'ya hear me?
xenzag, Jun 17 2009

       Already exists... it's called MSNBC.
threelefts, Jun 17 2009

       MSNBC and Obama should seriously get a room.
RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2009

       //MSNBC and Obama should seriously get a room//   

       - The interview was on Bloomberg, not MSNBC. It was a pretty good interview.
Zimmy, Jun 18 2009

       Breathe, [Rayford], breathe! It will pass.   

       I dread to read in the obituary section of the Bakery "Stalwart baker [Steele] was found at his keyboard dead of apoplexy in front of a breaking news item on presidential snack-eating..."
pertinax, Jun 18 2009

       Is this a real idea proposal, or just a thinly veiled grumbling about perceived overexposure of a politician you dislike?
tatterdemalion, Jun 18 2009

       These days I don't even bother with the thin veil. It never matched my dress.
RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2009

       21, perhaps the fly was planted to convey just that sort of sentiment. Propaganda at its best, that fly will be the insect that launched a thousand clips.
daseva, Jun 18 2009

       //I dunno... the fly video was kinda cool. "Wait..." *SMACK* "Now where were we?" That should be his response to North Korea. And Iran. And Pakistan. — 21 Quest, Jun 18 2009//   

       Classic halfbakery fodder. I love it. Made me cough coffee.
blissmiss, Jun 18 2009

       // Made me cough coffee.//   

       Better than Dubyah - he nearly died of pretzels ....
8th of 7, Jun 18 2009

       It would be fun if they included little blips and thought bubbles like in such classics as "blinddate" and "pop-up video". Nothing's sacred, and that's how we like it.   

       Hey, if Howard Dean can wind up on CNN talking about the state of democracy, after all these years, then I don't see why we can't preserve respect for Obama after seeing a "countdown until Barak get's rejected by an international diplomat" 3... 2...1... Oh! There it was, did you see the look he gave Obama?! Look, thought bubble says "I wonder if Michelle will still give it up tonight after this gaffe", Classic!   

       I'm laughing just thinking about this. +
daseva, Jun 18 2009

       "thinly veiled grumbling...?"   

dentworth, Jun 18 2009

       They need to do that up like the Jedi Kid video. Big mallet, crunching sound effect, etc. Maybe "hellp meeeee!" a la The Fly.
bungston, Jun 18 2009

       And how many interviews since the inauguration would that be, again?
RayfordSteele, Jun 19 2009

       Any news on the fly? Is it suing for assault?
Dub, Jun 19 2009

       //He killed it. It ain't suing shit//
Well, perhaps its 1265 offspring?
coprocephalous, Jun 19 2009

       If only those little buggers knew who they were messin' with...
daseva, Jun 19 2009

       I love my men all steely *and* in thin veils. It shoots chills up my spine. (Just thought you should all know that for some odd reason.)
blissmiss, Jun 19 2009

       //Any news on the fly? Is it suing for assault?//   

       PETA sent the White House non lethal fly traps after the "incident".
Zimmy, Jun 19 2009

       *seen on a bumper sticker* PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals
dentworth, Jun 19 2009

       The fly story went global - it's not just American TV. It will simply take sometime for the world to adjust to an American president that is actually competent at something other than incompetence!
Aristotle, Jun 19 2009

       // non lethal //   

       Do not be tempted to confuse "non lethal" with "low lethality".   

       There is an important distinction, partiularly if you get killed by something designsted "low lethality".
8th of 7, Jun 19 2009

       [21quest/copro] Oh no! That's muscacide, then! That's serious
Dub, Jun 20 2009

       *seen on a bumpersticker*   

       Flyswatters don't kill flies
I kill flies

       The C.I.C.!
Zimmy, Jun 20 2009


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