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Nocturnal swap

end of the day swap roles
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In the UK you have the 'Busmans holiday',( tv programme with designation reversal) I don't know what it is called elsewhere.I always wondered why people exchanged job functions during the day and left it at that. To sass it up a bit and add a bit of danger ..continue through the night to the next morning. I am a milkman but normally a Traffic Warden and vice versa with my counterpart,I go home to the milkman's house when I finish work..I can foresee all sorts of complications happening here already(the real milkman's wife,their pet Alsation,angry housewives calling,a complete change in every aspect of social behaviour due to the change in the unfamiliar surroundings) a Farmer goes home to the dwellings of a Fireman and vice/versa etc..next day back to your normal job routine. Medium level hilarity and dysfunctional viewing involving a vast array of cross living and job functions..I think..
skinflaps, Sep 25 2002


       I have no idea what you're talking about. What is a 'Bussmans holiday'?   

       From what I am able to gather here, it isn't looking good.
waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

       [waugsqueke] apologies if not clear .There is/was a tv show called 'busmans holiday' it was about people swapping jobs for the day and seeing how they got on..they were inexperienced in each others jobs i.e.: a policeman doing the job of a plumber for the day and the plumber doing the job of the policeman for the day and recorded for tv..I propose take it one step further into their private lives,why didn't I just put that in the first place...
skinflaps, Sep 25 2002

       Oh. So this isn't about fluids?
bristolz, Sep 25 2002

       "I took your advice about running home for a hop in the sack at lunch break to cure my headache!"
"You have a nice house."
reensure, Sep 25 2002


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