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reality tv meets drama

reality show where aspiring actors get the chance to star in drama TV show
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An idea combining both drama and reality TV. We have had shows that feature 'nobodies' instantly becoming music pop stars, just for auditioning in a TV show. My idea is that we could have a show featuring aspiring actors auditioning for a drama TV show, and have the winners of the show actually star in the show. Of course, the aspiring actors could be anyone and really, the actors would not need to be paid because they are getting 'self-advertising' from the show. This alleviates the problem of having stars of shows receiving millions of dollars per episode, money that could be spent on writing, set design, etc.
Ninjitsu_Master, Jun 05 2001


       So I'm watching a show about making a show? Starring nobody? I bet UPN would buy it.
phoenix, Aug 30 2001

       i get to do a peter sealey and say it's baked - aren't they doing this for emmerdale?
ciccia, Sep 03 2001


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