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Square One

No Rolodex? And No Degree? No Capital? Hey, Great TV!
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A new reality show where retired executives, the newly unemployed, clueless college graduates, just-released ex-cons, immigrants and other likely contestants compete to build a capitalist conglomerate...from Square One.

Each contestant is stripped of everything but the clothes on their backs. They are denied access to their bank accounts, lines of credit, trust funds, pensions and/or hoards of cash.

They are isolated from their old friends, family and business networks for the duration of the show's filming, which will be about one year. They may write letters, but they may not receive them. They may not solicit any help, advice or comfort from anyone they have previously been acquainted with.

The contestants are then released in various locales (maybe big cities, maybe trailer park towns) with no resources and no instructions save one--make what you can of yourself in this, America, the Land of Opportunity. Whatever path you choose, it must be legal, and it must be removed to some degree from your previous line of work or study (except, of course, for menial tasks). They are forbidden from telling anyone they meet what they did in their old lives.

At the end of the year, the contestants are scored on current net worth, future potential in their current endeavors, and by phone-in voting, who appears to be most enjoying himself. The winner walks away with a chunk of change, and the option to keep his new life.

Roll the hidden cameras...

Guncrazy, Dec 31 2003


       It gets my bun. But give them a house, some clothes, and some food. Or else its just bumfights all over again.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 31 2003

       damn it. i thought that it was related to the old kids show "square one" on pbs by the name.   

       could be fun, but even in the "land of opportunity", you have to start with something.
superman9k, Jan 02 2004


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