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Self-Made Millionaire

Rising from obscurity by means of ones own talent
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This reality show idea involves 10 contestants seeking to prove that they have the ability and talent to become a self-made millionaire by means of their own talent or skills.

The premis is that 10 people are chosen to be dropped into a major American city with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a cellphone. Their objective is to create the highest personal net-worth in a set amount of time.

The contestants would be a selection of already successful entrepenuers, recent business school graduates, average persons with high charisima, a housewife, etc, etc. Contestants are given an aprtment and a cellphone. They will be allowed to contact people they already know to help them, yet no help can be given that has a monetary value (fronted product, labor, loans, etc).

Contestants must report weekly to a board of directors who will evaluate the weeks achivments and progress. A contestant is eliminated if at any time during the game their net worth is reduced to zero.

The winner of the show is the contestant who has the highest net worth at the end of the set amount of time (apx. 3 months). The winners prize will be total ownership of ALL businesses and net-worths of the other contestants, or 1 million dollars, whichever is greater.

As with any reality show a certian amount of situation must be created to "highten" the drama.

hightide, Dec 10 2004


       They'd all be eliminated immediately as they start with no net worth.   

       Beyond that, I'm not sure what good contacting people they know has other than to chat about pleasantries as business consultation has a definite monetary value.   

       As there is no way to raise a stake through connections, all that's left is to get a job. The trick will be to get a job before starving to death.
bristolz, Dec 10 2004

       I'd watch this but rather than having entrepeneurs I'd like to see this done with people who have inherited their money.
harderthanjesus, Dec 10 2004

       I have seen this on UK tv some time ago - will try and find a link. I don't think there was a housewife though, just a bunch of loud mouthed, self opinionated boors.
gnomethang, Dec 10 2004

       The show should be called "Carleton Sheets Challenge", referencing the "No Down Payment" television infomercial pitchman who in 1981 met a similar challenge.
jurist, Dec 10 2004

       there should be a rule that they must wear fake herpes scabs on their faces, dirty clothes and carry with them at all times a half filled bottle of cheap wine.
benfrost, Dec 10 2004

       This would be fascinating if you could get ten CEO's, business consultants or similar who are regarded as brilliant in business. You could recruit them from one country and drop them into another (probably best stick to english speaking countries) to prevent them exploiting their reputation and networks (global players must be excluded). See if they can still cut it without the support of their organisations. [+] For the first reality tv idea that I would consider watching.
wagster, Dec 10 2004

       There was a "fake" reality TV show on a similar line to this. The guy who set it up had no sponsors, only a sketch of an idea and was pretty much ruining peoples lives. Two teams of contestants had to give up all of their lives: job, housing, etc. and work together from nothing to get a million pounds. They had a year to do it in, but the show totally broke down. I think the contestants got some money from the TV channel that produced a documentary on the scam.
[ sctld ], Dec 10 2004

       Oh yes, "The Great Reality TV Show Swindle," I watched that. Most satisfying but it didn't kill the reality TV shows already in existance, mores the pity.
harderthanjesus, Dec 10 2004


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