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Bonus Voting

A weekly personal bonus vote so you can doublebun/bone something
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Yes I know it borders on a rating-scale system, but some ideas are so good (or so bad) that they deserve extra votes for having tickled or maimed a voter's fancy so much.

So I propose that HB denizens get a free vote every week or so to allow them to do just that: one extra [+] or [-] to toss out per week per h'baker and only one extra [+] or [-] vote per h'baker per post.

Remember, this isn't really for the original poster's sake, it's for the voter that got hit with a "falling of my chair" moment. The more miserly can pad their own underappreciated posts... one per week and one only per post.

FlyingToaster, Feb 05 2009


       So an idea can be double-autoboned?
simonj, Feb 05 2009

       nothing's perfect... I think it'd be worth it for the occasional rib-tickler that really sticks out and the autoboner would only get to do it once a week and then *not* get to doublebun something else as a result.
FlyingToaster, Feb 06 2009


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