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The Thwarted Pineapple

(This is a rant: but there's a pretty picture of a pineapple too)
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Originally I figured "Neutral Vote" had this covered, but I've just recently come across a spate of ideas that require something other than yes, no, or hmmm. I've found myself squinting crosseyed with the effort of getting my head round some of 'em. It's not that they're bad, as such; just very very weird. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with examples - ideas which didn't really deserve a fishbone, which appeared to be honest attempts to better the lot of humanity, or at least get a laugh, but which left you bemused. And I'm not talking about bad english, either - I have great sympathy and respect for people posting in a second language. I couldn't do it.

My little internal dia... er, monologue goes something like this: "It's not that I think your idea is bad: it's that the assumptions on which it's based are so completely whacked that I can't really judge if it's any good or not. To be honest, I stopped reading it at about the third paragraph, but I suspect you of having come from an alternate universe which may run on different physical and moral laws. Your idea might be entertaining or possibly cute to members of your own kind, but it has thwarted my effort to understand it. Therefore, I award you this Thwarted Pineapple."

Also good for confusing trolls. Maybe.

moomintroll, Nov 21 2005

[bristolz, Nov 21 2005]

The Fruit Itself http://www.bathyfor...m/HB/pineapple.html
Pure silliness. [moomintroll, Nov 21 2005]

My current favourite for a Pineapple Celestial_20Flatland_20Zoo
Neither fish nor bun. [moomintroll, Nov 21 2005]

Pineapple emotion amplifier Pineapple_20emotion_20amplifier
Even more WTFy than celestial flatland zoo. It's whacked waaaaaay out. [Hive_Mind, Jul 13 2008]

His entire page is filled with pineapples.. http://www.halfbakery.com/user/beanangel
Someday I'll understand. And then they'll take me away... [RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2009]

(?) YouTube: Erm... https://www.youtube...A7UjcHD6j1eNLs6HIy2
This link needed a home, and this seemed the ideal place. [zen_tom, Feb 07 2018]


       I really like this!   

       While I don't share your vote for the favourite, I've looked at ideas and felt strange waves of nausia-like bemeusement wash over me, like the ocean transporting a pineapple (ok, I know, it should be a coconut, but let's let this go for the sake of sticking with the metaphor) to populate new shores with trees of understanding.   

       Plus it's the exact opposite of croissants and fishbones.
zen_tom, Nov 21 2005

       The CFZ example serves your point very well. i.e. What an interesting piece of thought. I'd like to acknowledge that, yet, um, what the hell? Really good or really bad?   

       Agreed, Thwarted Pineapple would be good. [+]
Zuzu, Nov 21 2005

       I like the idea. I'd want a 'pineapple theshold', though, to make sure they only showed up on truly weird ideas -- somehting like >5 'buh?' votes plus 'buh' votes outnumber 'for' and 'against'. [+]   

       (As an aside, I understood and enjoyed the 'Celestial Flatland Zoo', so I guess this will be subjective.)   

       I imagine that many pineapple ideas will be marked for deletion as they are, in fact, nonsense.
st3f, Nov 21 2005

       Thanks [bris]!
moomintroll, Nov 22 2005

       You're welcome.
bristolz, Nov 22 2005

       A nice notion but I'd be wary of setting up a rewards system for weirdness.   

       Constantly Punching Hands can never be bettered.
calum, Nov 22 2005

Ling, Nov 23 2005

       I think I would have a few of these if they existed. And anything is better than a fishbone right?
shinobi, Nov 23 2005

       No votes is far worse.
hidden truths, Nov 23 2005

       Yeah. At least if you get fishbones you know people are reading it.
moomintroll, Nov 23 2005

The Kat, Nov 23 2005

       I vote for awarding the Pineapple Emotion Amplifier a Thwarted Pineapple. The CFZ at least made sense. I'm not even sure if PEA was written while sober or what. What the pfargtl was he ON?
Hive_Mind, Jul 13 2008

       [marked-for-tagline] What the pfargtl?
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 13 2008

       My first [M-F-T]. I'm so proud.
Hive_Mind, Aug 16 2008


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