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special votes

For those people whom you know the idea is aimed at but don't know The Bakery.
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A Html button that printed an idea with tick vote boxes, would be nice. The boxes would be agree, neutral and disagree. I don't think innocents would get the croissonants and fishbones, it would depend on your walk in life and interactions.

This A4 page would then be used to inform, educate or spark laughter in the recipient. Maybe piss off, if you are so inclined. They then could or won't return the voting form.

Of course, it's the baker's obligation to post the vote of anyone that they have forwarded an idea. Nothing needs to be done for neutral.

A comments box might be good but it would be up to the baker's discretion whether to pass the comment on to everyone. The comment would have to be novel or poignant.

wjt, Dec 23 2016


       I don't get it. Most ideas aren't aimed at anyone. Are you proposing that the user's vote would be listed alongside their annotation? Where does an A4 page come into that and what does it have to do with an anno and/or a vote? What's this about forwarding an idea?   

       Is there some kind of email game going on in the background of the halfbakery that I was never invited to?
Voice, Dec 24 2016

       [Voice} It's if you knew someone that never would partake in the Bakery but you thought might suit an idea. There are folks that don't touch computers.
wjt, Dec 25 2016

       That's just an urban legend.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2016

       True that, the definition has widen ubiquitously.   

       Probaly this idea is the extra dimension of paper.
wjt, Dec 27 2016


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