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Vote for Most Practical Ideas

Choose Most Doable Ideas : Set Up A Part of the Ideas Section Like the " Best " except vote for realism
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Halfbakery is great fun and it would not be good to do away with wittiness. But, there are many good ideas that get buried in the jesting.

If there were a voting / ranking section off the front page for the most practical ideas not yet baked, then it would give them a chance to be seen.

Mitch Casto

mcasto, Jan 22 2004

2D Voting http://www.halfbake...om/idea/2D_20Voting
A similar idea, to let you vote on practicality, etc. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       hell, maybe advertize that page to investors or companies etc.
Space-Pope, Jan 22 2004

       If any of my ideas needs more time in the oven, I just anno on it ... move it to the top for a bit ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 22 2004

       It's called churning, [Fort], and is discouraged. Anyway, it doesn't mean your ideas are the most practical.
Worldgineer, Jan 22 2004

       We've had an idea before for voting in categories, which would allow you to vote on practicality as well as general quality. See [amadeus]'s 2D voting idea, where votes are made on the axes of good/bad and baked/unbakable, and the annotations.
kropotkin, Jan 23 2004

       Why do the practical ones get special consideration? It's not like we're actually ever going to create any of these.   

       If you've got one worthy of creating, don't post it here. Go do it and make your millions.
waugsqueke, Jan 23 2004

       If I wanted practical, I'd put some clothes back on.
Detly, Jan 23 2004

       Most of the time I wouldn't have a clue whether an idea was practical or not and neither would I have any idea about the capability of any of the other 'bakers to make such a judgement. So this would be a complete waste of time.
DrBob, Jan 23 2004


       Ahem: Massive Solar Collector Array (of Evil?)   

       Evilly practical. Practically evil.
Worldgineer, Jan 23 2004

       The really GOOD ideas are the closest ones to being real. So I would think that the "Best/Top Ten" would basically be repeated in the "Most Practical" list.
babyhawk, Jan 23 2004

       I was tempted to mention the Blackholeapult, but it's practicallity is still under debate.
Worldgineer, Jan 23 2004


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