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354c Chroma-Key Public Block

stand here, but appear over there
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354c is the PMS colour of the green needed to make green screens as used in film and photography for special effects.

The idea is to provide in a public place a large physical block of this exact colour, that has an 'infinity coved' bottom where it meets the ground.

This means that people can pose in front of the green screen and use the results to easily transpose themselves unto different backgrounds.

The ground area of the curve where people stand will need regular cleaning, as it may get dirty from feet etc, but a donation box should be able to collect enough funds to maintain the screen. A combination of carefully positioned lighting ensures that the screen is always shadowless and usable even after dark.

Users can be invited to post their results to a website.

xenzag, Dec 17 2018

Infinity cove or curve https://en.m.wikipe.../wiki/Infinity_cove
[xenzag, Dec 17 2018]

Green screen https://en.m.wikipe...org/wiki/Chroma_key
[xenzag, Dec 17 2018]




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