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3D Cube

a 3D device in a shape of a cube
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Think of this. A glass box with maybe 15 plates crisscrossing in it. Then cameras would project a image in corrolation to the side on each criss crossed plate. A possible idea for a futureistic cheap 3D TV.
weaselfan, Dec 15 2007


       I don't understand this idea, I think it needs more detail...   

       Welcome to the halfbakery!
BJS, Dec 15 2007

       All the images would have to be in focus, so the lens would either have to change shape quickly or there could be a rotary system, but it would need to be very fast.   

       I like it generally.
nineteenthly, Dec 15 2007

       The idea is for a matrix of semi-transparent displays, each one displaying a plane of a 3-D image. Taken as a whole, the entire display will appear to have depth.   

       As an idea, it's been done.
phoenix, Dec 15 2007

       Hey Jutta, do you notice a trend where the Halfbakery gets more bakers during the winter season, or is that just a coincidence?   

       Welcome, [weaselfan]. I'll have to think about how this could be done before I decide to bone or bun you. Nice one for making me think though, hmmm....
quantum_flux, Dec 18 2007

quantum_flux, Dec 18 2007

       It's summer in the Southern hemisphere right now. A trend like that would also suggest most of us live in the Northern Hemisphere.
nineteenthly, Dec 18 2007

       Exactly how many polygons would be acheivable with only 15 criss-crossed plates? The effect would be great for an art installation, not so for a sporting event. Change this to an art project and it's a bun. (Oh, yeah, and what [UB] said - I'm thinking we should use projectors instead of cameras for the correct effect)
globaltourniquet, Dec 18 2007


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