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Dimensional Television (DTV)

Rotating things on the side of the TV.
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This is an idea to have three dimensional rotating shapes on the sides of the television. So, if a car was driving through a city on the television, the shapes on the side would look like cityscape and they would rotate in accordance with the apparent movement on the car on the TV. Apparent movement, shape, and texture of the displays will be judged by very smart computers working with TV input and DTV output. Any thoughts?

Technical Backgroud (Boring stuff)

Shapes will be formed by controlling a set of mechanical appendages covered in flexible OLED screens. Resoultion for this construction will cap at 20,000 polygons per side. Default polygon selection will be set at 4 sides, with exact lengths of the polygon sides determined by smart computers. So, with an average of 4 sides to a polygon, and 20,000 polygons, when they share sides it becomes roughly 16points/9 polygons, or 20,000(16/9) = 35,556 points. Each point is set using a mechanical finger actuated by a central artificial muscle network. So that is 35,556 mechanical fingers. The artifical muscles will be made out of electrodynamic polymers that contract elastically when a voltage is applied. Muscle movements will be controlled by adaptive and genetic algorithms. algorithms.

Economic Analysis (Deadly)

Fingers will cost about 25 cents a piece at first. With a 2,000 dollar CPU this will lead to a raw materials cost of 11,000 dollars per DTV. If we include capital recovery at 10 years and per unit maintenance costs of 1,000 dollars, the final consumer price of a DTV ends up to be 19,333 dollars.

People would likely buy this product because it would be pretty awesome, and consumer ratings of the product would range with those for mid priced automobiles, coincidentally at the same price.

daseva, Nov 15 2006


       //Any thoughts?//

Very few, actually.
angel, Nov 15 2006

       Do you know how panasonic made TV's that averaged the color on the screen and projected that color on the wall? Well, this idea is almost as pathetic. But, I have to remind you, we're talking about rotating morphing shapes and textures.
daseva, Nov 21 2006

       The goal of this technology would be enhanced immersion, not petty light displays.
daseva, Nov 21 2006

       Seeing these morphing globs of "who knows what" would freak me out. And I can imagine the long term psycological effects on children when they see this glob take on the shape of a hand or someone's head.
Jscotty, Nov 21 2006


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